Thursday, August 11, 2022

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NAKED DISTRACTION: Police in Dubai arrest group of women who were filmed posing naked...

Police in Dubai arrested a group of people on charges of public debauchery, authorities said, over a widely shared video that showed naked women posing on a balcony in the city.

Art Cervi, Detroit TV’s Bozo the Clown in the 1960s and ’70s, dies at...

Art Cervi shaped musical tastes of Detroit baby boomers as talent coordinator for the Channel 9 dance show "Swingin’ Time," then found a new career by hiding in plain sight behind Bozo the Clown’s bulbous red nose and entertaining countless thousands of younger fans. Cervi, who reached an enormous audience that never knew his name, died Monday at his home in Novi. He was 86.

Gigantic Stratolaunch aircraft makes 2nd test flight

The largest airplane ever to take flight has made its second voyage, soaring above California's Mojave desert.

Panda Express workers forced to strip in ‘cult-like’ team-building seminar, lawsuit alleges

A new lawsuit against Chinese food chain Panda Express alleges that workers were ordered to strip down to their underwear as part of a "cult-like" team-building exercise.

Chlorinated swimming pool water can kill COVID virus in just 30 SECONDS, study finds

Chlorinated swimming pool water can inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19 in just 30 seconds, a study found as indoor pools re-open across England this week.

1 Dead, 5 Hurt in Bryan Mass Shooting; Trooper Shot Pursuing Suspect; Shooter in...

Mass shooting comes on the same day President Biden calls gun violence an epidemic and Gov. Abbott vows to protect gun rights in Texas

Illinois man’s body found in gas tanker hauled by truck

The body of a Nashville, Illinois man was discovered inside a gasoline tanker near a small town, about 40 miles northeast of Champaign.

Scammers now promising COVID shots to steal consumers’ money and personal information

Scam artists are now using the promise of COVID shots or appointments to steal consumers' money or personal data. The Federal Trade Commission says don't fall for it.

Police officer was arrested on child porn charge while working at Maryland vaccination site

A Maryland police officer was arrested on a charge of possessing child pornography after authorities tracked him to his National Guard job at a mass vaccination site, officials said Saturday.

Yemeni model ‘abducted from the street’ by Iran-backed Houthi rebels for ‘violating Islamic dress...

I’m so glad this is getting traction in the press. This poor woman. In Yemen it was NOT against the law to not wear a hijab. These Houthi rebels are a nightmare. They have been abducting political figures, journalists etc for a long time, now models.

Teacher convicted of pouring liquid nitrogen on student’s groin, Illinois officials say

An Illinois teacher accused of burning a student with liquid nitrogen in class has been found guilty, officials say.

‘Frozen’ alligators spotted sticking noses through ice to survive in Oklahoma

Winter storms have battered the US this week, and many animals are struggling in the cold. The cold-blooded alligator, though, is getting through the week with an unusual method of survival.

Hitting Bottom: How Deep Is The Ocean In Reality? It’s Way Deeper Than You...

Just how deep does the ocean go? Way further than you think. This animation puts the actual distance into perspective, showing a vast distance between the waves we see and the mysterious point we call Challenger Deep.

‘I hope I make it’: 7-year-old Alabama girl selling lemonade to fund her own...

Liza Scott, an Alabama 7-year-old, is selling lemonade to help pay for brain surgeries she desperately needs.

Customer’s bagel didn’t have cream cheese, so he pulled gun on a cashier who’s...

Officers arrested a man who threatened a police chief's daughter while she worked at Starbucks. Officers said the man was upset over cream cheese.