Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Rags-to-riches story of Frito-Lay janitor, 62, who became director and author after ‘creating’ Cheetos...

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Inventor, Subject of Upcoming Eva Longoria-Directed Biopic, Dismissed by Frito-Lay as ‘Urban Legend’

Los Angeles fashion icon Fred Segal dies at 87

Fred Segal, the man behind his namesake trendsetting Los Angeles retail stores, has died of complications from a stroke, NBC News has confirmed. He was 87.

TERRIFYING SPREE: Four people are found dead in their cars in two separate shootings...

Four people have been shot dead in two separate shootings in Maryland overnight.

Walmart says Kanye West’s new Yeezy logo is so similar to its own that...

Walmart has challenged a logo's trademark application submitted by Kanye West's Yeezy brand.

Florida men arrested over TikTok video allegedly showing ‘fake vet’ performing deadly C-section on...

Two men were busted in Florida after a TikTok video showed them performing unauthorized surgery on a dog that later led to its death.

The Weeknd received tragic news: “My heart is broken”

The Weeknd donated $ 1 million to Ethiopia’s hunger relief efforts amid the country’s ongoing conflict that has resulted in thousands of deaths. This was announced through his social networks: “My heart breaks for my people in Ethiopia because innocent civilians, from young children to the elderly, are being senselessly murdered and entire villages are being displaced,” he said.

‘Hustler’ founder Larry Flynt dead at 78

Larry Flynt, creator of 'Hustler' died at age 78 on Wednesday.

Colton Underwood strips off for shirtless selfie as petition grows to axe his new...

Colton Underwood has been working on himself inside and out. The former “Bachelor,” who recently revealed to the world that he’s gay, showed off new photos of his impressively chiseled abs alongside a message about his personal wellness.

‘I Don’t Want Them Here At All,’ Asian-American GOP Candidate Says About Chinese Immigrants

A Republican candidate seeking to replace the late Ron Wright in Congress has unleashed a blistering attack against China and potential Chinese immigrants.

Tennessee hat shop under fire for Star of David ‘Not Vaccinated’ badges

A Tennessee hat shop has come under fire for selling “Not Vaccinated” stick-on patches modeled after the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe.

‘The eviction moratorium is killing small landlords’: landlords complain as ban is extended another...

The one-month extension of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium was welcome news for tenants but another nail in the coffin for some struggling landlords.

Paleontologists Discover Oldest Known Titanosaur

Ninjatitan zapatai lived approximately 140 million years ago (Early Cretaceous epoch) in what is now Patagonia, Argentina

Apparently ‘Modern Family’ Star Nolan Gould Got Super Ripped—And The Internet Is Thirsty AF

Nolan Gould was just 10 years old when he hit screens playing Luke, the adorable but not-so-bright youngest child of the Dunphy family in the Modern Family pilot back in 2009. Now 22, Gould posted a recent photo shoot on Instagram and he looks a world away from the curly haired little kid he used to be on the show.

Teen says she’s going to sue her ‘predominantly white’ Long Island school district for...

The family of a teenager on Long Island says they're suing her school for $2 million after administrators wouldn't publish her poem about George Floyd's death in the school magazine, saying it was 'not appropriate' and possibly 'dangerous.'

The Surprising History Of The Phrase ‘Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride’

Where does the phrase "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" come from? The answer may surprise you.