Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Police: Goat ‘arrested’ after report of break-in

Police in eastern North Carolina say they’ve “arrested” a goat after they got a call reporting an attempted break-in.

Drunk porn star, 31, confesses to mowing down pastor in hit-and-run and leaving him...

An ex-porn star allegedly admitted to mowing down a pastor while she was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol before fleeing the scene to go visit a celebrity friend.

Jack Black’s mom was a NASA engineer who helped bring the Apollo 13 astronauts...

Jack Black's mom was a ballet dancer and an electrical engineer for NASA? That's the kind of bio the Black Widow would have.

Fugitive Wanted For Shooting Killed By Deputies in Arizona

On Monday, a fugitive wanted in a recent Arizona shooting incident and on a parole violation in Oregon has been killed, authorities said.

The fast and the Edible?

The fastest edible vehicle travels at a speed of 27.48 km/h (17.08 mph), and was achieved by Mike Elder (USA), and piloted by Michael Andretti, at ilani, owned by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, in Ridgefield, Washington, USA, on 18 November 2020.

Kanye West ‘is worth $6.6 BILLION with half of his income from his Yeezy...

Kanye West has assets to protect in his divorce that are worth billions. The 43-year-old rapper is reportedly worth $6.6 billion in large part because of his Yeezy sneaker and apparel brand, which is valued between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion by UBS Group AG.

SEX ABUSE OUTRAGE: Fury as 20 firefighters who ‘had sex with girl, 13’ are...

A top French court has ruled against upgrading the charges against three firefighters accused of having sex with a teenage girl from sexual assault to rape in a case that helped fuel efforts to set a legal age of sexual consent in France

Family of 11-year-old boy who died in Texas deep freeze files $100 million suit...

Their 11-year-old son was found dead in his bed Tuesday morning after their mobile home lost power as chaos descended on Texas. Now, the family has sued the energy company for gross negligence.

Rare Super Mario Bros. game sells for a record $660,000

Holy SHEEEET! A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES just sold for 660,000 at auction!

Killer detective, 41, is arrested on Austin highway one day after shooting dead his...

BREAKING: A former sheriff’s deputy wanted in the shooting deaths of three people in Austin, Texas, has been taken into custody, police say. Stephen Broderick, 41, is suspected in the deaths Sunday of two women and one man.

Did Cargo Ship ‘Draw’ a Penis Before Getting Stuck in Suez Canal? KINDA…

Some may classify getting stuck in the Suez Canal as a dick move, like giving the entire planet the proverbial finger...

New York City Subway Passenger Disarms Subway Slasher Who Attacks Innocent Woman

A woman was slashed by a stranger while standing on a subway platform in the heart of Manhattan and fortunately a good Samaritan jumped into action to help.

Oklahoma woman charged with felony for 21-year-overdue VHS tape

A woman says she didn’t know she had a felony charge for over two decades for not returning a VHS rental.

Craig shares a recipe for a ZERO CARB Oreo Cookie. Meanwhile, cookie fans from...

Craig shares a recipe for a ZERO CARB Oreo Cookie. Meanwhile, cookie fans from around the USA let their voices be heard.

Suspect handcuffed behind his back steals patrol car, leads cops on 100 mph chase

"I can only assume he was using his knees," a trooper said.