Friday, August 12, 2022

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12 killed, dozens wounded in weekend shootings across U.S.

The shootings in five states come during a yearlong rise in gun violence nationwide and record firearms sales.

Woman caught without face mask whips off undies to use instead

A woman who was caught without a face covering while shopping in a supermarket was quick to come up with an alternative solution.

Ex-US priest on trial in East Timor on sex abuse charges

A defrocked American priest went on trial Tuesday to face charges he sexually abused young girls at his shelter for orphans and children from impoverished families in East Timor.

A court could decide who really owns a $1.9 million Ferrari seized at the...

The US government is going to court to sort out who really owns an almost $2 million Ferrari supercar with a top speed of more than 200 mph and a history as twisty as the Monaco Grand Prix course it could call home.

Celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey dead at 87

The celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey has died. During his high-profile career lasting more than forty years, he represented O.J. Simpson, Patricia Hearst and the alleged Boston strangler.

Dad bods are preferred by nearly 75% of singles, survey suggests

Put down the weights and pick up a beer, gentlemen – a survey has found that nearly 75% of singles prefer a dad bod.

‘Cops aren’t going to do anything to me’: Passenger detained after reportedly attacking flight...

The passenger faces federal charges for allegedly attacking a flight attendant several times aboard Sunday's flight to NYC.

4 gray whales found dead in San Francisco Bay Area in 9 days

At least four gray whales have been found dead in the Bay Area in just over a week, The Marine Mammal Center said Thursday.

Boston schools chair resigns over racially charged texts

The chair of the Boston School Committee resigned amid criticism of racially charged texts she shared with another member of the committee.

A snorkeler discovered 25 bricks of cocaine worth more than $1.5 million in water...

A snorkeler discovered 25 bricks of cocaine in the water off the Florida Keys on Wednesday. According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, an unidentified snorkeler found a 68-pound bale containing the bricks of cocaine near Craig Key and notified local authorities.

Be kind: 12-year-old helps more than 1,600 people get vaccines after building a website...

When 12-year-old Sam Keusch saw his dad help his grandparents and neighbors book vaccine appointments, he realized it might be hard for others to find appointments online. So, the tech-savvy preteen built his own website to help New Yorkers get appointments.

Super Flower Blood Moon 2021: Where, when and how to see the supermoon lunar...

On the night of May 25-27, observers in Oceania, Hawaii, eastern Asia and Antarctica will see a lunar eclipse that coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth — making it a "supermoon" eclipse that will turn the moon reddish — also known as a "blood moon." (The dates of this eclipse span two days because the area it will be visible spans the international date line).

Las Vegas mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth

Mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth.

A Florida couple tried to host their wedding at a $5.7 million mansion that...

Florida mansion was a perfect venue for their long-awaited wedding. But it wasn’t theirs.

A Black man enslaved by his white boss for 5 years should be given...

A Black man enslaved by his white boss for 5 years should be given $546,000 in compensation, a court ruled