Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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WandaVision Alleged Leaked Clips Reveal Return of Major Marvel Character

[Warning: The following article contains heavy potential spoilers Wandavision.]

Florida boy, 10, is shot ‘after dad took him on a “paintball drive-by” to...

Thinking his home was under attack, a Florida homeowner says he shot and wounded a 10-year-old whose father had driven him to participate in a drive-by shooting with a paintball gun.

Trillions of cicadas are about to emerge after 17 years underground

Starting next week, billions of Brood X cicadas will begin their assault on nearly all of the country, east of the Mississippi River. They've been lying in wait for 17 years until the time and temperature is right to begin their deafening descent upon millions of Americans.

Father, 32, faces capital murder charge following autopsy on his five-week-old son who was...

Authorities said the charges against a father accused of killing his newborn son have been upgraded to capital murder. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that Caleb Michael Whinsand Sr. is now facing capital murder in the case.

Fla. Mom Was Strangled by Son After Confronting Him About Bad Grades, and Teen...

Now 17, Gregory Ramos was 15 years old in 2018 when he got into a physical confrontation with his mother over his grade

Scientists discover new dinosaur and it is adorable

Some 160 million years ago, a tiny winged creature with wide eyes and a goofy grin lived among the trees in what’s now modern day China.

A massive chunk of California’s iconic Highway 1 near Big Sur collapsed into the...

A huge piece of California's Highway 1 near Big Sur collapsed into the ocean

Beverly Hills Man Arrested on Federal Charges of Attempting to Hire Hitman to Murder...

A 24-year-old Beverly Hills man was arrested Friday on suspicion of attempting to hire a hitman to kill a woman he briefly dated and who had repeatedly tried to end the relationship, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Michigan Woman Gets $385 Ticket For Talking Too Loud On Sidewalk, She Says Race...

Diamond Robinson says she was walking up and down Cushing Street where she lives in Eastpointe talking on her phone Thursday. That was when she says one of her neighbors approached her.

Tempe man allegedly stabbed dad 20 times to “rid his body of a shape-shifting...

Tempe man stabs father 20 times trying to “rid his body of a shape-shifting reptile”

Bodies of 12 beheaded white expats are found after ISIS massacre in Mozambique town...

The bodies of 12 beheaded expats have been found after an ISIS massacre in a Mozambique town where a British worker was killed in a desperate escape bid.

Up to 1,000 Christian girls are abducted in Pakistan every year, then forced to...

Farah, a 12-year-old Christian girl, says she was taken from her home in Pakistan last summer, shackled, forced to convert to Islam and made to marry her kidnapper. It's a fate estimated to befall hundreds of young Christian, Hindu and Sikh women and children in the country each year.

Father gets 212 years in prison for scheme that killed his autistic sons for...

A California man was sentenced to more than two centuries in prison on Thursday for his plot to drive his partner and two autistic sons off a wharf at the Port of Los Angeles, killing his children, in order to collect life insurance money.

Anonymous customer leaves generous $16,000 tip at New Hampshire restaurant

A very generous customer left a tip of $16,000 after ordering $37.93 worth of food and drinks at a New Hampshire restaurant.

A Massachusetts man is accused of trying to run over a group of Black...

Two kids start arguing. Kids gather round and it immediately becomes a racial fight. The kids cool down, but the dude they called didn't. He then tries to run a group of children over.