Thursday, August 11, 2022

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FBI agent charged with attempted murder in shooting of man on Metro train

An FBI agent has been charged with attempted murder in the off-duty shooting of another man on a Metro subway train last year in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., according to court records unsealed Tuesday.

Conservatives blast Lil Nas for releasing Satanic-themed male stripper music video during Holy Week...

Conservatives blast Lil Nas for releasing Satanic-themed male stripper music video during Holy Week while Nike denies involvement in singer's limited 666 run of 'Satan Shoes' that contain HUMAN blood and cost $1,000

The Best Batman film to date? And it’s a fan film at that.

Is this one of the best Batman film to date?

FAMILY FEUD: Mariah Carey hit with defamation lawsuit by estranged brother who claims the...

Mariah Carey’s brother has revealed he's filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his sister, claiming her recent autobiography is “laden with lies."

Michigan millionaire businessman, Marty Tibbitts ‘lived a double life as drug lord with plans...

Federal prosecutors have said the late Marty Tibbitts was funding a secret cocaine submarine before his death.

German brewery pairs with bakers to use surplus beer

About 6,000 litres of the renowned copper-colored 'Altbier' of the historic Fuechschen brewery remain unsold and nearing its expiry date. The brewery now works with craft bakers who use the beer to make bread, with about twelve bakeries producing the grain bread and are giving the additional bonus of a bottle of Fuechschen's Altbier free of charge with every loaf.

Her Boss Sent Harassing Texts. So She Beat Him With a Mop.

A government worker in China became an internet sensation after a video emerged of her striking back at a boss she had accused of harassment.

Scientists Create the First Living Robot, Made from Frog Stem Cells

Scientists have invented the first ever living robots. The robotic devices are made from the embryonic skin and heart cells of frogs.

Hotel California: The Insanely Strange Case of Elisa Lam

A hotel in California with a continuously dark history is time and time again popping back in the mainstream limelight.

Baffled scientists don’t know why hundreds of birds are getting sick and dying across...

Wildlife experts in at least six states are investigating the cause of the bird deaths.

Uber ordered to pay $1.1m to blind woman who was refused rides 14 times

Ride share giant Uber must pay a blind passenger $1.1m following a discrimination claim that its drivers unlawfully denied her rides on 14 occasions, an arbitrator decided Thursday.

Miracle on Ice star Mark Pavelich, 63, is found dead at mental health treatment...

Mark Pavelich, a former member of the 1980 USA “Miracle on Ice” Olympic hockey team, was found dead at a mental health treatment facility, USA Hockey announced on Friday. He was 63 years old. The cause of death remains unknown.

Man Obsessed With Body Modification Gets Tusks Fitted To His Own Teeth

A tattooist has had a pair of tusks fitted to complete his look as a fictional monster after undergoing a huge range of body modifications.

Double fatal wrong-way crash on U.S. 95 in Las Vegas, impairment suspected

Nevada Highway Patrol reports a double fatal wrong-way crash on U.S. 95 south of Rancho Drive.

‘Dragon Man’: Scientists discover massive skull from new ancient human species that lived 150,000...

Our understanding of human evolution could be 'reshaped' by the identification of a new ancient human that may replace Neanderthals as our closest relative.