Friday, August 12, 2022

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Killer detective, 41, is arrested on Austin highway one day after shooting dead his...

BREAKING: A former sheriff’s deputy wanted in the shooting deaths of three people in Austin, Texas, has been taken into custody, police say. Stephen Broderick, 41, is suspected in the deaths Sunday of two women and one man.

Naked man arrested ‘for walking down the street with just a clear plastic bag...

A South Carolina man has been arrested after deputies say he was caught doing a drug-fueled 'walk of shame' in the nude, with only a clear plastic bag covering his genitals.

Mother of three, 31, is burned alive by her husband who chased her down...

A French mother-of-three, 31, was burned alive by her husband, 44, on Tuesday

Southwest pilot accused of exposing his genitals during a flight from Philadelphia to Orlando

A Southwest Airlines pilot "intentionally committed an act of lewd, indecent and obscene exposure of his genitals in a public place" while captaining a flight from Philadelphia to Orlando, the Department of Justice alleges.

Controversial influencer Lovely Peaches told her arresting officer that she sprayed perfume in her...

Lovely Peaches has been arrested for cruelty to animals. The Tiktoker, real name Brittany Johnson, was booked in Georgia on Friday, after she allegedly posted videos of herself abusing her six-month-old puppy Max.

Art Cervi, Detroit TV’s Bozo the Clown in the 1960s and ’70s, dies at...

Art Cervi shaped musical tastes of Detroit baby boomers as talent coordinator for the Channel 9 dance show "Swingin’ Time," then found a new career by hiding in plain sight behind Bozo the Clown’s bulbous red nose and entertaining countless thousands of younger fans. Cervi, who reached an enormous audience that never knew his name, died Monday at his home in Novi. He was 86.

Girl, 3, dies after ‘accidentally falling’ into Jersey Shore campground septic tank

The toddler was found unresponsive after being pulled from a septic tank and police were called to the Sun Outdoors Cape May campground in Lower Township, New Jersey

A funeral home worker in Maine has been charged with stealing a wedding ring...

Two days after her mother passed away, Sally Wood called the funeral home in Alfred, to pick up her mother's jewelry. However, she was only given two of five rings.

Two teens were suspended for hours on a broken amusement park ride in Florida

Two teens were rescued from the Old Town slingshot ride in Kissimmee after one of the cables broke Thursday night, according to Osceola County Fire Rescue.

Adorable dog named Picasso because of his ‘twisted face’ is saved from certain death...

Adorable dog named Picasso because of his 'twisted face' is saved from certain death at a high-kill shelter - and forms an unlikely friendship with a pot-belly PIG at his new home.

Porsche driver filmed and taunted 4 police officers as they lay dying on the...

Porsche driver taunted four police officers as they lay dying on highway at crash scene.

California is coming to Texas! Why more people moving to Lone Star State

Home prices are the big driver, and it is causing tens of thousands of Californians to seek out new places to live here in the Lone Star State.

Some dumbass keeps abandoning chihuahuas around southwest Missouri

At least 50 chihuahuas have been found abandoned throughout southwest Missouri and parts of Arkansas, prompting animal control officials to try and find whoever is dumping the dogs.

12-year-old little miss arsonist suspected of setting four separate fires in the Berkeley Hills...

A 12-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of setting four fires in the Berkeley hills on Friday, Berkeley police said.

9-year-old girl dies after being caned during ‘exorcism’

Police in Sri Lanka say they have arrested two people in connection with the death of a 9-year-old girl who was repeatedly beaten during a ritual they believed would drive away an evil spirit.