Monday, August 15, 2022

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Married Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill drops out of Senate seat race after...

Confronted with leaked phone call, Alabama Republican John Merrill admits to affair, drops Senate bid

Family sues after California man dies in taco eating contest

The son of a California man who choked to death during an amateur taco eating contest at a minor league baseball game is suing the event’s organizers for negligence

A good Samaritan jumped into water and saved an infant who fell out of...

Good Samaritan jumps into water, saves infant who fell out of a car in Ocean City, Maryland: Police

Good Samaritan Kayaker Cleaning Alum Creek Lake in Ohio Finds Human Remains

Ohio police say that Kayaker picking up trash spots plastic bin — with a human leg inside.

Mira Furlan, ‘Lost’ and ‘Babylon 5’ actress, dies at age 65

The Croatian-born actress played Ambassador Delenn on the science fiction TV series “Babylon 5” throughout its five seasons and in two movies.

Armed man, 44, is arrested after suspected explosive devices are found in his car...

Man with body armor, guns, possible explosives arrested at University of Kentucky hospital.

Eleven Dead as TERRIFYING Video Emerges of Wild Storm

Terrifying video shared to Chinese social media shows debris ripped from buildings swirling around busy streets as vehicles struggle to navigate through the conditions.

Half a ton of marijuana with a street value upwards of $8 million discovered...

More than half a ton of marijuana with a street value upwards of $8 million was discovered by a police dog during a routine traffic stop in northwest Indiana.

‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ says she’s giving $20,000 that she raised on GoFundMe to a...

Tessica Brown has just said she will be donating 20k from her gofundme to a hair restoration group. According to TMZ Tessica Brown Tessica Brown -- aka 'Gorilla Glue Girl' -- is paying it forward by giving a majority of her GoFundMe haul to a group supporting others going through similar ordeals.

You should think twice before laminating your vaccine card

Vaccine eligibility in the US is expanding quickly, and so is the popularity of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's little white card.

Georgia firefighter dies during his first shift: ‘Eager’ 21-year-old is found unresponsive in station...

A newly hired firefighter was found dead in his fire station bed after returning from an overnight call during his first shift on the job.

An NYC fifth-grader died after being punched ‘real hard’ in the head by a...

A 12-year-old child reportedly died after being punched by one of his classmates in exchange for one dollar, according to local reports.

‘I hate this job’: McDonald’s employee apparently quits job by leaving BRUTAL note on...

A McDonald’s employee who apparently couldn’t stand to continue their job for a second longer quit by leaving a pointed note on the restaurant’s drive-thru monitor.

Monuments In Paris Turned Into Pop Culture Characters (12 PICS)

All around the world, monuments and statues are honoring historical events of the region or political figures that helped shape the world into what it is today. There are some statues for religion, nature, folklore, and even tragedies as well. But how often do we see statues portraying pop-culture figures from our favorite movies, cartoons, books, or TV shows? French 3D artist Benoit Lapray is well-known for his digital artwork and editing skills. He teamed up with 95 Magenta and Emmanuelle Vonck Lugand to replace statues in the streets of Paris with well-known characters. Digitally, of course.

NY Judge Orders Nursing Agency to Pay Filipino Nurses $1.56 Million for Threatening Them...

A New York federal judge ordered a nursing agency and recruiter to pay $1.56 million on Tuesday, for threatening the Filipino nurses they brought to the U.S. with large fines if they prematurely left their jobs.