Thursday, August 18, 2022


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A US woman wore wedding dress to her Covid-19 vaccine appointment after pandemic cancelled...

A Maryland woman decided to wear her wedding reception dress to her vaccine appointment. Sarah Studley wore her polka-dot dress after she had to cancel her big reception plans due to Covid-19.

Marvel Comics To Unveil A Gay ‘Captain America’ In Time For Pride Month

Teen hero Aaron Fischer is “inspired by heroes of the queer community” and will appear in a new series this June, writer Joshua Trujillo said.

Uber ordered to pay $1.1m to blind woman who was refused rides 14 times

Ride share giant Uber must pay a blind passenger $1.1m following a discrimination claim that its drivers unlawfully denied her rides on 14 occasions, an arbitrator decided Thursday.

The Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan unveiled a new national holiday – dedicated to...

The Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan unveiled a new national holiday - dedicated to a very special breed of dog known as 'wolf-crushers'.

Chemicals in plastics damage babies’ brains and must be banned immediately, expert group says

Phthalates, human-made chemicals in the plastics we use, are negatively impacting brain development in kids, according to a group of volunteer scientists, health professionals and child advocates.

Oklahoma woman charged with felony for 21-year-overdue VHS tape

A woman says she didn’t know she had a felony charge for over two decades for not returning a VHS rental.

Endangered Gray Wolf Dies Alone After Walking 9,000 Miles Through Three U.S. States To...

Endangered gray wolf who walked more than 8,000 miles through three states to find a mate is found dead as officials investigate whether she was killed illegally

Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Texas to empty state prison to make room for...

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed Thursday the agency has been directed by Gov. Greg Abbott to move prisoners from the Briscoe Unit in Dilley to make room for migrants with low-level offenses.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 65, to divorce Melinda, 56, after 27 years of marriage:...

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates — who is worth an estimated $130 billion — and his wife, Melinda, are getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage, the couple announced Monday in a joint statement.

Nursing student, 27, ‘stabbed to death in her apartment by ex-boyfriend’ had been visited...

A nursing student who was stabbed to death in her New York City apartment had been visited by NYPD cops just one hour earlier because she reported that her ex-boyfriend was trying to break in, it has been revealed.

Feds Arrest Alleged Narco-Submariner In Detroit River Drug Bust

In spite of all that's currently happening in 2020, life seems to still find a way for what passes as normal insanity amongst the "crimin...

Rachel Dolezal says she can’t find a job six years after transracial revelation

Rachel Dolezal Says She Can't Find Work After She Was Outed For Posing As Black

Archaeologists identify 3,200-year-old temple mural of spider god in Peru

Mural discovered last year is thought to depict a zoomorphic, knife-wielding spider god associated with rain and fertility.

Nicolas Cage Crashes Nicolas Cage Film Festival, Spends Twelve Hours Watching Nicolas Cage Movies,...

Whether you think Nicolas Cage is a good actor or a bad actor (for the record, he’s both) most rationally minded people agree he’s a cool guy.

Iowa town of 3,000 is evacuated after train carrying fertilizer and ammonium nitrate derails...

Thick black smoke billowed into the air Sunday after a train derailed in northwest Iowa, prompting authorities to evacuate part of a small, nearby town.