Sunday, August 14, 2022


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COVID-19 Reaches Mount Everest As Nepal Struggles With Record Infections

The coronavirus pandemic has reached the top of the world, where it has reportedly disrupted the annual climb up Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks just as the window for summiting the mountains opens up.

Cat allegedly stolen by Uber Eats driver located, reunited with its owner

A cat that was allegedly stolen by an Uber Eats driver has been found and was reunited with its family on Thursday morning.

Hundreds of tacos delivered to seniors amid brutal winter storm

Volunteers from Texas Relief Warriors delivered 700 breakfast tacos to two senior centers that lost power.

Police: Man stole 400-pound slide from children’s playground, mounted it on bunk bed

A police detective in Washington state went to a suspect's home to search for stolen car parts and found another piece of stolen property in the process: a 400-pound playground slide mounted to a child's bunk bed.

Here’s a look back at the most scandal-plagued presidency of all time: Barack Obama’s...

9 Here's a look back at the most scandal-plagued presidency of all time: Barack Obama's two terms. #DailyShow #Trump #Election2020 Subscribe to The Daily Show:...

A drugged up idiot was stuck for around 2 days inside giant fan at...

The unsuspecting officer found a man stuck inside the shaft of a vineyard fan, after he "inexplicably" decided to climb into the piece of farm equipment, according to a Sonoma County Sheriff's Office statement.

Man, 22, who slashed teen Instagram star Bianca Devins’ throat before posting images of...

Brandon Clark sentenced; Bianca Devins’ mom talks about ‘indescribable pain’ of teen’s murder

Alabama woman charged with stealing goat, dying its coat

A woman in southern Alabama is facing felony charges after her neighbors say she stole their goat and dyed its hair.

Police seek help identifying man who allegedly groped 11-year-old girl at Irvine Target

The Irvine Police Department is seeking the public’s help tracking down a man who is suspected of groping an 11-year-old girl in a local Target store.

Neighbor who tossed an elderly Jewish woman off a balcony while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’...

From the little I've seen reported on it, I have no idea how the French authorities reached their decision. I know even less about #SarahHalimi which saddens me since she's the innocent victim being let down by the system.

‘Baby Shark’ for Real? Fisherman Catches Mutant Shark with ‘Human Face’ in Indonesia

A fisherman found a baby shark with a “human face”. Abdullah Nuren caught the young shark on a fishing trip in Indonesia and was left perplexed by its human-like facial features.

Long Island New Yorker busted for driving with 99 license suspensions

A Long Island man arrested for driving with 99 license suspensions.

Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz, 22, killed by lightning while training

Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz, 22, killed by freak lightning strike while training.

The satellite image sparking fears of a worldwide crisis

The Ever Given "megaship" is longer than four football fields and is wedged diagonally across the entire canal, where about 10 per cent of world trade by volume passes through – so the traffic jam is a big problem as it could impact the global flow of oil and gas.

Villagers in India Flee Homes, Jump Into River to Avoid COVID Vaccination

It was as if a police team had raided their village to nab some dreaded criminals