Thursday, August 11, 2022

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This AI Could Help Wipe Out Colon Cancer

Medtronic's GI Genius, recently cleared by the FDA, will help doctors identify precancerous polyps.

Jealous wife stabs her husband multiple times after finding pictures of him having sex...

A jealous wife has been arrested in Mexico after she reportedly stabbed her husband in a blind rage when she found old photos on his cell phone of him having sex with ‘another’ woman - failing to realize the images were actually of her.

Gunman is killed and another suspect is arrested after shootout with police amid 111mph...

Three officers were shot in a police chase that ended early Monday with one suspect killed and another in custody, authorities said.

Tennessee hat shop under fire for Star of David ‘Not Vaccinated’ badges

A Tennessee hat shop has come under fire for selling “Not Vaccinated” stick-on patches modeled after the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Defrocked Catholic priest dies aged 80 just days before police were set to arrest...

Investigators were preparing to seek an arrest warrant for a defrocked Roman Catholic priest long considered a suspect in the 1972 killing of a western Massachusetts altar boy shortly before his death last week, a prosecutor said Monday.

Jewish man, 29, brutally beaten near Times Square tells how pro-Palestinian mob shouted ‘Hamas...

A 29-year-old Jewish man was beaten by a group of people in New York City's Times Square on Thursday evening, police said.

11-Year-Old Falls Through Open Subway Grate in New York Playground, Lands Near Train Tracks

Police are on the scene after a child fell through a subway grate in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon.

DMX, Known For Gritty Raps And Smashing Billboard Charts, Dies At Age 50

The rapper, who upended the rap scene in 1998 with two No. 1 albums, was also a devout Christian and movie star who frequently grappled with drug abuse.

Mega Movie Trivia (148 PICS)

Read on for the best movie facts and prepare to clean house at the next Hollywood trivia night.

Attack and kidnapping witnessed on Zoom leads deputies to bodies of two stabbing victims...

A woman was on a Zoom call with a colleague when the attack occurred, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Bodies of 12 beheaded white expats are found after ISIS massacre in Mozambique town...

The bodies of 12 beheaded expats have been found after an ISIS massacre in a Mozambique town where a British worker was killed in a desperate escape bid.

“Ugly Ducklings” Share Their Incredible Transformations (15 PICS)

If you’ve had a hard time liking yourself in your teens and early twenties, you can still end up full of confidence and love for how you look later on in life.

Scientists unlock the ‘Cosmos’ on the Antikythera Mechanism, the world’s first computer

First discovered in a Roman-era shipwreck by Greek sponge divers in 1900, the fragments of a shoebox-size contraption, once filled with gears and used to predict the movements of heavenly bodies, has both baffled and amazed generations of researchers ever since.

‘I hope I make it’: Heartbreaking video shows final moments of ‘scared’ first-time skydiver,...

Heartbreaking video shows a California teen's last moments before plunging to his death during a 2016 skydiving jump. Attorneys representing Tyler Turner's family released the video after being awarded a $40million judgment against Bill Dause, owner of the Lodi Parachute Center.

Japanese Town Spent Covid-19 Relief Funds On Building A Statue Of A Giant Squid

Financial relief during a pandemic is great, but have you ever seen a giant squid statue? Critics say something fishy is happening in the Japanese port town of Noto, where local officials reportedly splashed out half a million dollars in COVID-19 relief funds to buy a massive squid sculpture.