Saturday, August 13, 2022

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6 Lions Found Dead In Ugandan National Park

Conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts are mourning the case of six lions that have been found dead and dismembered in what is a suspected to be a poisoning in one of Uganda's most renowned national parks.

Elderly Man Has Wrong Leg Amputated In TRAGIC Hospital Mix-up – With The Mistake...

An Austrian hospital amputated the wrong leg of a patient, it said on Thursday, blaming human error for what it called a “tragic mistake”.

Bodybuilder Who Is In A Throuple With Two Sex Dolls Says His Partners Have...

Yuri Tolochko is back at it again. After announcing that he had taken a second sex doll wife Lola, while his old sex doll wife Margo was in repair and that he is now in a throuple with Lola and another sex doll Luna, Tolochko has now revealed that his two sex doll partners have fallen in love.

Rudy Giuliani’s Neighbor Becomes Twitter Star After ‘Hilarious’ Witness Account

An Upper East Side woman who is a tenant in Rudy Giuliani’s building found stardom online after she gave an impromptu press conference about the FBI raid on the former New York City mayor’s apartment.

Florida man arrested for fatal stabbing of grandfather after pulling human ears from pocket...

A Florida man was arrested Sunday for fatally stabbing and mutilating his grandfather, after he pulled the man’s ears from his pocket while being questioned by deputies, investigators said.

Dad saws through door to strangle daughter for being ‘disrespectful,’ Louisiana cops say

Donnie Paul Neil, 40, faces several charges after allegedly striking the child and choking her until she nearly passed out, all while ramming her head into the floor of his home in Chauvin, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Video Shows Woman Shout Racial Slurs at Black Cashier After Refusing to Wear Mask...

When other customers called her out for using the derogatory and racist language, she replied that "I can call him whatever I want"

“Yes hello. One cancer treatment, please.”: Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Says He’s Undergoing Chemotherapy for...

Blink 182's Mark Hoppus has confirmed he was recently diagnosed with cancer in a statement posted online. The blink-182 bassist and vocalist opened up about his courageous battle with cancer in a newly released statement. Countless Mark Hoppus fans began an outpouring of support online.

US, China consulted on safety as their crafts headed to Mars

As their respective spacecrafts headed to Mars, China and the U.S. held consultations earlier this year in a somewhat unusual series of exchanges between the rivals.

A South Carolina lawyer allegedly beat up his girlfriend at a bowling alley —...

A South Carolina lawyer allegedly beat up his girlfriend at a bowling alley — prompting a female bystander to intervene and knock him out, authorities said.

“If you say anything I am going to shoot you!”; Gun-wielding robber holds up...

A gun-toting robber grabbed nearly $300,000 in diamonds and gold dust from a startled driver in a brazen Brooklyn heist, cops say.

Bodybuilder Marries Sex Doll After Whirlwind Romance

By Yaron Steinbuch Proving that love is blind, and sometimes kooky, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan has tied the knot with his dearly beloved — a sex...

Bikini Gate!

0 Pope Francis Gives a Brazilian Bikini Model a like on Instagram!

‘What’s happened to his face?’: Zac Efron trends on Twitter as he sparks plastic...

While planet-lovers across the globe took to social media Friday to share their favorite images of Mother Nature, genetically blessed actor Zac Efron decided to celebrate Earth Day a little differently – with the debut of a new face.

Man accused of killing his father by stabbing him 10 times in Arizona

A man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing and killing his father in Tempe Friday night.