Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Stars Who Landed Different Roles Than They Originally Auditioned For (23 PICS)

Think of your favorite TV character. Now think about how different the show would be if another actor had been cast. Unsettling, right? Many of your faves didn't originally audition for the roles they're best known for. Check out these examples.

US officials: Pilot error caused Kobe Bryant chopper crash

According to investigators, the pilot likely became disoriented when he flew through the clouds.

Suspect Who Stabbed Elderly Asian Women in SF Could Face Life Sentence

The man arrested for stabbing two elderly Asian women in San Francisco earlier this week is now facing multiple charges that carry a life sentence.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez End Engagement: ‘This Has Been a Long Time Coming’...

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have broken up, The stunning split comes after the superstar couple twice postponed their wedding — and after rumors surfaced that the former Yankees third baseman had been playing the field with a young reality star.

Children’s author Beverly Cleary, creator of Ramona Quimby, dies at age 104

Children's book author Beverly Cleary died on Thursday in Carmel, California, at 104 years old.

Man accused of killing his father by stabbing him 10 times in Arizona

A man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing and killing his father in Tempe Friday night.

Moratorium is ending by end of June 2021, and more than 8 million households...

Families across the U.S. are at risk of losing their homes when a federal moratorium on evictions imposed during the pandemic lifts at the end of June.

Disney World fans are divided over the park’s new food item

By Dillon ThompsonMon / YahooNews Disney World is now selling a donut grilled cheese, and parkgoers have no idea what to think. The all-new snack item, announced...

Bride widowed on wedding day after groom killed by guest

A YOUNG bride who was widowed on her wedding day when her groom was shot dead by two of her guests cried "how will I live without you?".

‘I Am Famous For Being Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing, And Talented,’ Says 18-Year-Old

“My Narcissistic Drama Queen Teen is Dead to Me”

He died in a 101-degree Alabama prison cell with a 109 body temperature. Officials...

By Melissa Brown / USA TODAY / Montgomery Advertiser MONTGOMERY, Ala. - An Alabama man incarcerated in a prison mental health ward overheated and died in December after temperatures...

‘Omg, how did he do this?’: A loving father spent half a year emailing...

A loving father spent half a year emailing and sending letters to celebrities, all to create a touching graduation gift for his daughter, and TikTok is in shock!

Good Samaritan Kayaker Cleaning Alum Creek Lake in Ohio Finds Human Remains

Ohio police say that Kayaker picking up trash spots plastic bin — with a human leg inside.

Chicago releases video of 13-year-old Adam Toledo put his hands up before cop shoots...

Shaky and grainy body camera footage shows 13-year-old Adam Toledo's hands were up when officer Eric Stillman fatally shot him. "The officer said, ‘Show me your hands.’ He complied. He turned around," an attorney for Toledo's family said.

Movie Mistakes (17 pics)

We can't believe we missed some of these.