Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Terrified grandmother captures image of ‘horned demon’ standing over her toddler granddaughter’s bed –...

A Las Vegas Grandma has reached out to paranormal experts after a "demon" figure was captured on film looming over the bed of her grandchild.

Best Tweets Of The Day (15 PICS)

Hilarious Tweets That Are Guaranteed to Make You Grin.

Woman claims Chris Brown hit her head so hard her hair extensions came out:...

Grammy-winning singer Chris Brown allegedly struck a woman at his home in Tarzana last week, prompting a battery investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Dreadful and disturbing sight of stray dogs EATING human bodies washed up on Indian...

Grisly footage has emerged of stray dogs eating human remains washed up on the banks of an Indian river as crematoriums continue to buckle under the strain of the Covid crisis.

The Buddy Holly Story actor Paul Mooney dies at 79: The comedian who worked...

Comedian Paul Mooney has passed away at the age of 79, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Reptile-Sniffing Dogs Become Research Assistants to Help the Saint Louis Zoo Save Box Turtles

John Rucker is a turtle whisperer with his five Boykin Spaniels at his side. On Wednesday, they were searching for box turtles on the Saint Louis Zoo’s WildCare Park campus in North St. Louis County.

Damon Weaver, Child Reporter Who Interviewed President Barack Obama at the White House, dies...

At the age of ten, Damon Became an internet sensation. In 2009 he got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Damon got a chance to take a trip to the White House and interview President Obama. He passed away at 23.

A data error reduced a healthy 30-year-old man to the size of a thumb,...

Liam Thorp, 30, was told he qualified for a COVID-19 vaccination because the National Health Service measurements gave him a BMI of 28,000.

Airport changes name after years of fighting over ‘Orlando’

After years of fighting and litigation over who can include “Orlando” in the name of their central Florida airport, Orlando International Airport officials and Orlando Melbourne International Airport officials have tentatively agreed that Orlando Melbourne International Airport will change its name to Melbourne Orlando International Airport.

Suspect Arrested In Murder Investigation Posted Theories About Her Killing In Facebook Group

16 years after Rebekah Gould was murdered, William Miller allegedly confessed to killing her. Before his arrest, Miller was part of a social media group determined to solve her murder.

LOOK: Aga Muhlach’s daughter Atasha is all grown up in magazine cover

Atasha Muhlach, the daughter of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, wowed netizens as she posed as the cover girl for the latest issue of fashion magazine Metro.Style.

Country music star Taylor Dee, 33, dies in car wreck after her truck slammed...

Country artist Taylor Dee has died at age 33 due to a car accident in Euless, Texas. The mom of two young kids was planning to release an acoustic EP Why Would I later this year.

Man, 47, admits starting 1987 library blaze when he was 12 years old and...

A man authorities say started a blaze when he was 12 years old that killed a firefighter at a community college library in Everett, Washington, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree murder.

Palestinians go on strike as Israel-Hamas fighting rages

Palestinians across Israel and the occupied territories went on strike in a rare collective protest Tuesday as Israeli missiles toppled a building in Gaza and militants in the Hamas-ruled territory fired dozens of rockets that killed two people.

Suez Canal blocked after massive container ship Ever Given gets stuck sideways

A 400-metre-long container ship is holding up traffic in the Suez Canal after becoming wedged sideways as it passed through the major shipping route.