Friday, October 22, 2021

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12-year-old Florida girl arrested for allegedly selling stun guns to her classmates, police say

A 12-year-old Florida girl was arrested after allegedly bringing stun guns to school and selling them to classmates, authorities said.

Police raise $73,000 on GoFundMe for TikTok-famous police dog who was shot twice in...

Police officers have admitted they shot their famous K-9 Arlo after raising more than $73,000 on GoFundMe to pay for medical bills.

‘The Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano Fired Amid Social Media Controversy

Gina Carno (Cara Dune) has been fired from Star Wars by LucasFilm over social media activity.

Bodies of 12 beheaded white expats are found after ISIS massacre in Mozambique town...

The bodies of 12 beheaded expats have been found after an ISIS massacre in a Mozambique town where a British worker was killed in a desperate escape bid.

Police say self-described dating expert behind house flipping scam

Mikki Lynn Fox is Michaela Pink, an expert in scamming people of their money.

Four dead including a child in shooting at office complex in LA suburb –...

A shooting at a Southern California office building on Wednesday has left four people dead, including a child, and a fifth victim and the gunman critically wounded, police said.

Dyslexic student who couldn’t read until aged 13 achieves first-class honours degree

A student who could not read until he was 13 has just earned a first-class honours university degree and is planning a career in academia and politics.

Damon Weaver, Child Reporter Who Interviewed President Barack Obama at the White House, dies...

At the age of ten, Damon Became an internet sensation. In 2009 he got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Damon got a chance to take a trip to the White House and interview President Obama. He passed away at 23.

Dumping subway trains into the ocean … in a good way

It looks like an environmental nightmare: Dumping old subway cars to rust away on the ocean floor. But the MTA says it creates new marine ecosystems.

“I want my life back”: Britney Spears tells Judge in courtroom BOMBSHELL

In a 23-minute speech, the singer said she desperately wants to end her conservatorship, calling it an abusive system in which she was drugged and forced to work against her will.

REVEALED: Congressional staffer, 32, who was found dead next to his injured wife in...

The family of an Arizona congressional staffer who died while camping in Death Valley National Park in California have revealed that his SUV had gotten stranded with two flat tires, and his wife suffered a severe injury to her foot during the ill-fated trip last week.

Iceland has been hit by 18,000 earthquakes in just over a week, and a...

Most of us already know that there are certain areas of the world more prone to earthquakes than others, and that residents of those places such as Southern California, Indonesia and parts of China, are pretty used to it at this point. One such area that’s accustomed to the occasional tremor is the small island nation of Iceland.

Vax and scratch: NY offers $5M lottery for newly vaccinated

Anyone who gets vaccinated at select state-run vaccination sites in New York next week will receive a lottery scratch ticket with prizes potentially worth millions, as the state tries to boost slowing vaccination rates.

Former ‘The Talk’ Host Holly Robinson Peete Says Sharon Osbourne Complained She Was Too...

Holly Robinson Peete slammed her former "The Talk" co-host, Sharon Osbourne, on Twitter on Friday, claiming that Osbourne was part of the reason she got axed from the show in 2011.

Mice biting hospital patients, ravaging farms as plague escalates across NSW

Health expert is "surprised" more people haven't contracted a rare rodent-borne infectious disease. Farmers across New South Wales are calling for a new method to control the plague. They fear mice will destroy the winter crops and stored hay