Monday, August 8, 2022

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61-year-old Asian man in critical condition after brutal assault caught on video

The Asian man was struck to the ground and kicked in the head, police said.

Teenager is fighting for life after a 30-TON HUMPBACK WHALE jumped out of the...

A teenager is fighting for life with a broken neck and severe head injuries after a humpback whale body-slammed his boat, as the young man's stepdad is praised for making the call that saved his life.

Texas border agents discovered 20 undocumented immigrants, including two children, attempting to enter the...

Texas border agents discovered 20 undocumented immigrants, including two children, attempting to enter the US while hiding under the boards of a trailer on Monday.

Girl born without arms chasing her dream as a ballerina

Teen Ballerina With No Arms Proves Everything Is Possible.

Fire breaks out in Texas hotel as sprinkler system fails due to frozen pipes...

A massive blaze erupted in a hotel in Killeen after the building's sprinkler systems failed to work due to frozen pipes.

‘Fraudster’ bought $19,000 dump truck and booze with cash from COVID loan, feds say

A 40-year-old man in Virginia on probation for fraud and money laundering finagled nearly $200,000 in COVID-19 relief loans at the start of the pandemic last year, according to federal prosecutors.

Florida Teacher Gets 15 years For Recording Naked Girls

A Florida teacher was sentenced to 15 years in prison for secretly recording students as they changed clothes in his fashion design classroom

‘Frozen’ alligators spotted sticking noses through ice to survive in Oklahoma

Winter storms have battered the US this week, and many animals are struggling in the cold. The cold-blooded alligator, though, is getting through the week with an unusual method of survival.

US birth rate sees biggest fall for nearly 50 years

The Covid pandemic has accelerated a longer-term trend towards fewer births, with the rate dropping to 1.6 children per woman


Now that spring is in full swing, more people will be flocking to L.A.’s many beautiful beaches. On Tuesday, April 13, the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors will increase beach accessibility with a new access mat at the Marvin Braude Bike Trail near the Venice Boulevard beach parking lot. The mat will end in a “T” shape closer to the water’s edge. The access mat, made of a fine nylon mesh, is designed for people who use wheelchairs or may otherwise need a firmer surface to traverse the sand. The Venice Beach mat will be DBH’s eighth installation.

Sniffer dogs are 94% accurate at detecting Covid – far better than rapid tests...

Sniffer dogs are more effective than rapid tests at detecting cases of Covid-19 and could soon be deployed at airports, according to a major British study.

Tour de France TRAIN WRECK: A fan with a fan-sign crashes the entire event,...

The Tour de France descended into chaos Saturday after a careless fan caused a massive crash at the event when their sign hit one of the riders.

A mister no more: Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral

Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister. Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change will appear on boxes this year.

A couple married and divorced 4 times in a span of 37 days so...

A Taiwanese couple used their nuptials to game the system and make the most of a honeymoon holiday. In the span of 37 days, they married four times and divorced three times.

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus

It's official, 2020 needs to end ASAP. The year was off to a horrible start due to the horrible end of 2019 - and it seems that the stre...