Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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‘Harry Potter’ actor Katie Leung says she was told to deny she was target...

Leung, who was 16 when she was cast as Cho Chang in the film franchise, said she found racist comments about her on websites dedicated to "Harry Potter" fans.

A plague of mice overruns an Australian prison, forcing them to evacuate

Around 200 staff and 420 inmates will be transferred from the Wellington Correctional Center in rural New South Wales state to other prisons in the region during the next 10 days while cleaning and repairs take place, Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin said on Tuesday.

Popular High School Teacher Killed in ‘Old Western Shootout’ After Attempting to Rob a...

Basketball coach and father of three Barney Dale Harris is believed to have broken into the residence at a mobile home park in Green Level, North Carolina, to steal drugs and money

Why Coca-Cola Invented Fanta In Nazi Germany

Fanta is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But the brightly colored drink now known for its bold fruit flavors was actually first made from food scraps in Nazi Germany by The Coca-Cola Company.

Parents accused of concealing girl’s body are charged with murder more than a year...

A murder charge has been filed against a couple jailed on charges of child abuse and concealing the skeletal remains of their adopted 13-year-old daughter after she was found 14 months ago at their west Phoenix home.

Biden’s ‘Beloved’ Dog ‘Champ’ Dies

“Our hearts are heavy today as we let you all know that our beloved German Shepherd, Champ, passed away peacefully at home,” Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, said in a statement.

Ohio felon flees courtroom, JUMPS off sixth-floor balcony — and it was caught on...

A convicted felon in Ohio attempted to flee from his sentencing hearing by jumping off the balcony outside the courtroom, security footage showed.

Spiders in Australia have covered the countryside in webs, blanket Gippsland after Victorian floods

Flooded roads and paddocks disrupt local spiders which seek higher ground on road signs, trees and any tall grass they can find.

Spitting Zebra Cobra on the loose in North Carolina suburbs: Experts say one bite...

Officials in North Carolina are cautioning people to be on the lookout for a poisonous snake on the loose.

A 3D printed house is for sale in New York. Builders say it will...

You've probably heard of 3D printed face masks and even 3D printed hands, as 3D printing technology has expanded over the past few decades. Now a company says it has listed the first 3D printed house in the United States for sale.

Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna diagnosed with dementia

This makes me sad. He's one of my favorite wildlife educators from golden age of E/I programming

An Elderly Woman Whose Family Believed Had Died From COVID-19 Was Moments From Being...

A 76-year-old Indian woman, who was believed to be dead after testing positive for COVID-19, shocked her family members when she woke up minutes before her own cremation, local media reported.

New York City Subway Passenger Disarms Subway Slasher Who Attacks Innocent Woman

A woman was slashed by a stranger while standing on a subway platform in the heart of Manhattan and fortunately a good Samaritan jumped into action to help.

Prince Harry joins $1bn Silicon Valley startup as senior executive

Duke of Sussex’s first formal role since ending royal duties involves ‘meaty role’ as chief impact officer at BetterUp

Couple starts Facebook page that helps thousands of older people get COVID-19 vaccinations

Not every senior has the resources to book appointments online. And with high demand, it’s likely they won’t get an appointment the first time they call a hotline. After continuing to see reports of the frustrations seniors were having, 44-year-old Broward Health nurse, Katherine Quirk and her 42-year-old fiancé, Russ Schwartz, felt like they needed to help.