Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Prancer, the ‘Demonic’ Chihuahua Whose Adoption Ad Went Viral, Finds His Forever Home

Remember Prancer the Chihuahua who embodied not only a “haunted Victorian child” but also was described as a “Chucky doll in a dog’s body?” Well, he has found his forever home and has been adopted!

Dawn Wells, ‘Gilligan’s Island’s’ Mary Ann, Dies of COVID at 82

By Pat Saperstein/Variety Dawn Wells, who starred as “good girl” Mary Ann in popular 1960s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island,” died Wednesday of causes related to...

Two teens were suspended for hours on a broken amusement park ride in Florida

Two teens were rescued from the Old Town slingshot ride in Kissimmee after one of the cables broke Thursday night, according to Osceola County Fire Rescue.

Scientists discover new dinosaur and it is adorable

Some 160 million years ago, a tiny winged creature with wide eyes and a goofy grin lived among the trees in what’s now modern day China.

A Monkey Implanted With Elon Musk’s Neuralink Now Plays Pong–Really Well–Using His Mind

Apes together strong! Elon Musk and his brain-computer interface start-up Neuralink have reportedly implanted a monkey with a device that lets it play video games with its mind. What could possibly go wrong? And what are the real therapeutic possibilities for Neuralink?

Pennsylvania District Attorney, 44, pleads guilty to raping at least five women in his...

A Pennsylvania district attorney has pleaded guilty to pressuring clients to have sex with him in his office when he was a defense attorney, and using a noise canceling machine to muffle the sound, then coercing them to keep quiet about it.

Baffled scientists don’t know why hundreds of birds are getting sick and dying across...

Wildlife experts in at least six states are investigating the cause of the bird deaths.

Friends: The Reunion trailer is here! Official teaser shows all six stars reminisce on...

It's official! The Friends reunion, called "The One Where They Get Back Together," starts streaming on HBO Max on Thursday, May 27.

CHILLING MESSAGE: Schoolgirl, 11, writes ‘help… robbers!’ on wall during Zoom class after being...

Fearful for her life, an 11-year-old Asian-American girl scrawled 'help...robbers!!' on the wall of a bathroom after being locked inside by intruders who had broken into her family's San Francisco home and stripped it of valuables.

Alex Trebek Wardrobe Donated To Homeless Organization For Job Interviews

Alex Trebek's impeccable fashion will continue to live on. At the suggestion of Trebek's son, Matthew Trebek, his family and "Jeopardy!" are donating much of the late game show host's wardrobe to The Doe Fund, a non-profit organization working to break the cycle of incarceration, homelessness and addiction by providing vocational training, employment and more.

One-eyed ‘Cyclops’ puppy with two tongues and no nose stuns dog owner

A strange one-eyed puppy with two protruding huge tongues and no nose was born in the Philippines.

Nickelodeon star Drake Bell charged with ‘attempted endangerment of a child’ and one count...

Nickelodeon star Drake Bell, known for starring in teen sitcom Drake & Josh, has been arrested in Ohio and charged with crimes against children,...

Stupid teen kills man buying ATV in front of pregnant wife & kids

A teenager shot and killed a man in front of his pregnant wife and her children as he was buying an all-terrain vehicle that he found on Facebook, South Carolina authorities said.

Teen, 18, in an ankle monitor breaks into home and ‘snatches four-year-old boy from...

A suspect has been arrested in the slaying of a 4-year-old boy whose body was found lying on a neighborhood street in Dallas, authorities said Sunday.

A company will pay you $2,400 to stay away from screens for 24 hours

Put the phone away for an hour. Or, better yet, make it 24 hours -- you might just get $2,400 out of, a company that tests home services and products, is holding a 24-hour digital detox challenge.