Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Ohio Papa John’s delivery driver shoots and kills armed man who tried to rob...

A Papa John's employee in Ohio shot and killed a man who tried to rob the pizza restaurant late Sunday evening.

‘Thank you for staying.’: Connecticut man with Alzheimer’s forgot he was married to his...

A married couple from Connecticut hosted a second wedding ceremony when the groom, who has a type of dementia, proposed to his wife again after forgetting they were already married.

90-year-old man takes out $10K ads to tell AT&T CEO about slow service

Aaron Epstein has been a loyal AT&T customer since 1960. But as his technology needs increased, his internet service just wasn’t keeping up, the 90-year-old Los Angeles man said.

Invasive ‘REDHEADED REPTILE’ population is rapidly increasing and spreading across Florida with no end...

The Peter’s rock agama is another non-native reptile species calling South Florida home, and it's raising concern among some scientists.

Police: Goat ‘arrested’ after report of break-in

Police in eastern North Carolina say they’ve “arrested” a goat after they got a call reporting an attempted break-in.

Oklahoma attorney and her boyfriend are charged with kicking in the front door of...

A former Oklahoma City attorney and her boyfriend were charged with murder in Okmulgee County on Thursday after recently discovered evidence reportedly tied them to the deaths of the man’s ex-girlfriend and her parents.

Assistant principal and daughter arrested for accessing student accounts to cast fake homecoming court...

Homecoming hack: Assistant principal, daughter charged with using computer account to steal homecoming queen vote

A police sergeant who showed off his baton handling skills in a video set...

Seriously @SanJosePD this is what warrants “a concern”??

Terrifying new species of venomous spider is discovered in Miami that looks like a...

A terrifying new tarantula-like spider species that uses a trapdoor to hunt prey has been discovered - and it lives for decades.

Man In Iowa Arrested For Bomb Threat Because He Didn’t Get Sauce For Chicken...

The authorities arrested Golwitzer around Saturday night after he made the threat. When investigators questioned the 42-year-old dipping sauce fanatic, he said he went "explosively postal" on the popular fast-food chain after discovering they got his order wrong.

Mother, daughter accused of murdering Indiana man by drugging oatmeal before strangling him, according...

Docs: Mother aided by daughter in killing Carmel man; plot included poisoning oatmeal with fentanyl.

ENGLAND: Multi-millionaire hotelier Sir Richard Sutton, 83, is stabbed to death and wife in...

One of Britain's richest men has been found stabbed to death in his country mansion, it was revealed today.

BCSO: Man arrested with 526 grams of cocaine in F-250 pickup

Abel Cisneros was arrested as the driver and for an outstanding warrant, deputies say

Asteroid Dust Found In Crater Closes Case Of Dinosaur Extinction

However, a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found evidence that suggests the mass extinction was caused by a different mechanism, which was also caused by the massive impact that created the Chicxulub crater: meteor dust.

Deputy who shot Black man appears to mistake phone for gun

Body camera footage and 911 audio from the shooting of a Black man by a Virginia deputy appears to show the deputy mistook a cordless house phone the man was holding for a gun.