Saturday, August 13, 2022

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The California town that is SINKING 2ft every year: Agriculture has drained the land...

In California’s San Joaquin Valley, the farming town of Corcoran has a multimillion-dollar problem. It is almost impossible to see, yet so vast it takes NASA scientists using satellite technology to fully grasp. Corcoran is sinking.

A Newly Discovered Species of Tree Hyrax Apparently Barks in the Night

Researchers discovered a new species of tree hyrax, Dendrohyrax interfluvialis, by noting how its barking call differed from the shrieking calls of a neighboring hyrax species in West and Central Africa.

Craig shares a recipe for a ZERO CARB Oreo Cookie. Meanwhile, cookie fans from...

Craig shares a recipe for a ZERO CARB Oreo Cookie. Meanwhile, cookie fans from around the USA let their voices be heard.

7-Year-Old Pug Dexter Gets Extravagant Funeral For Being A Good Boy

Dexter Beville, a 7-year-old pug from Allentown who died April 27 from an apparent illness, received an over-the-top funeral this week according to a Facebook post from his owner that’s gone viral with 40,000 likes and 71,000 shares.

Man, 35, arrested after ‘killing woman, 64, stuffing her body inside a duffel bag...

A man has been arrested after a woman’s body was found in a duffel bag that had been hidden inside of a storage unit for several months.

Historic Florida church now a 4-bedroom $1.3 million home

A 1928 church has been renovated into a four bedroom home, complete with a large stained glass window of Jesus.

Italian Cable Car Plunges To The Ground, Kills At Least THIRTEEN, Seriously Injures TWO...

By Associated Press A cable car taking visitors to a mountaintop view of some of northern Italy's most picturesque lakes plunged to the ground Sunday,...

12-story Florida condo building partially collapses: At least 1 dead, several injured as mayor...

At least one person is dead and several others are injured after a multi-story, residential building partially collapsed in southern Florida's Miami-Dade County early Thursday morning, authorities said.

Sarah Palin now urges Americans to wear face coverings after she and her 12-year-old...

Former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has revealed she tested positive for coronavirus and is encouraging Americans to wear masks - less than a year after she backed a Dallas salon owner who was jailed for defying lockdown orders.

Coroner: 14-year-old accused of crashing stolen Porsche on I-275 has died

A 14-year-old teen accused of crashing a stolen Porsche SUV on Interstate 275 has died, according to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

Coca-Cola is to test a paper bottle as part of a longer-term bid to...

Coke’s newest bottle is made from paper The company is testing alternatives to replace the millions of tons of plastic it uses every year.

This study shows new way to effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease

In a recent study at the International Center for Biomedicine, researchers developed an integrated method for the effective prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Trump’s niece, Mary, says she is ‘prepared’ to change her last name in a...

By Joshua Zitser / YahooNews Mary Trump, the niece of Former President Donald Trump, has said she might change her last name to avoid being...

Mystery metal monolith turns out to be Turkish government gimmick

A metal monolith that mysteriously appeared and disappeared on a field in southeast Turkey has turned out to be a publicity gimmick ahead of a government event during which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a space program for the country.

Utah man invites homeless people to live in his front yard

A Utah man invited homeless people to live on his front yard.