Monday, August 15, 2022

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White teacher who failed to hang up Zoom call is caught calling black parent...

The mother of a black sixth-grader has filed a damage claim against a California school district after a white teacher was caught making racist remarks on a Zoom call.

‘Jersey Shore’ star arrested on domestic violence allegation

“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was arrested Thursday for investigation of felony domestic violence, police said.

Man In Iowa Arrested For Bomb Threat Because He Didn’t Get Sauce For Chicken...

The authorities arrested Golwitzer around Saturday night after he made the threat. When investigators questioned the 42-year-old dipping sauce fanatic, he said he went "explosively postal" on the popular fast-food chain after discovering they got his order wrong.

New Jersey school district to pay $325,000 to teacher who says she was forced...

A New Jersey school district is paying $325,000 to a former New Jersey teacher who claimed she was forced to digitally edit a Donald Trump T-shirt worn by a student in a yearbook photo.

Two bears kept in complete darkness for 17 YEARS and who only saw artificial...

Two bears have been rescued from an illegal 'bile farm' in Vietnam where they have lived for an estimated 17 years in total darkness.

Traveling Owl: Man Drives Hours With Bird In Truck’s Grille

A man moving from Alabama to southwest Florida traveled hundreds of miles with an owl stuck in his truck's grille.

Pepe Le Pew Creator Chuck Jones’s Daughter Disagrees with the Character Being Canceled

Pepe Le Pew was created by legendary animator Chuck Jones, and his daughter Linda Jones is not happy about the character being canceled. She explains to TMZ that the character was never meant to be interpreted as a rape-y character, but “the times have caught up with him to make it seem that way.”

NYPD investigates 6 attacks at 4 synagogues over a two-day span

Two of the attacks took place Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday, Sammon said. The NYPD is working to identify the suspect, but video surveillance footage appears to suggest that the same person is responsible for all the attacks.

Standoff at Oakland Airport: Oakland Airport terminal evacuated after man with knife passes TSA...

Terminal 1 at the Oakland International Airport was closed for nearly four hours Tuesday morning after a suicidal man with a knife threatened to harm himself.

Tim McGraw, 53, shares shirtless photos with spearfishing catch: ‘What fish?’

Tim McGraw's spearfishing skills remain sharp, but that's not the only takeaway fans have from his latest Instagram photos.

Daughter of New York Jets hero Al Toon ‘is shot dead by her husband...

Ex-College Volleyball Star Whose Dad Was NFL All-Pro Al Toon Is Killed by Husband in Murder-Suicide

Popular Radio Host Rob Lederman Fired For Comparing Black Women’s Skin Tone To Burnt...

A Buffalo radio host is apologizing after being fired for using Black women’s skin tones to describe how he likes his toast.

Study Finds That Cows Talk And Show Compassion Just Like Humans

According to a new study, cows actually speak with each other and tell each other how they feel through their moos.

Manhattan Beach land seized from Black family may be returned to descendants nearly a...

A beachfront property in Manhattan Beach that was seized from a Black family 97 years ago may be returned to the family's descendants.

This Turkish Language Isn’t Spoken, It’s Whistled

In a remote mountain village high above Turkey's Black Sea coast, there are villagers who still communicate across valleys by whistling. Not just whistling as in a non-verbal, "Hey, you!" But actually using what they call their "bird language," Turkish words expressed as a series of piercing whistles.