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Prosthetic Legs for Elephant Amputees in Northern Thailand

Prosthetic limbs aren’t just for people! In fact, the world’s first elephant hospital is now also the world’s first elephant prosthesis factory, dedicated to treating elephant amputees who have been injured by landmines in Northern Thailand.

Why Coca-Cola Invented Fanta In Nazi Germany

Fanta is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But the brightly colored drink now known for its bold fruit flavors was actually first made from food scraps in Nazi Germany by The Coca-Cola Company.

32 Hilarious Pictures That Show Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Here's a collection of pictures showing men in ridiculously...hilariously situations.

Trump launches official website with his favorite photos from his presidency and boasts of...

Donald Trump has launched an official website to stay in touch with his supporters and to 'preserve his legacy' as he remains banned from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

VIDEO: Florida woman says she spotted a ‘baby dinosaur’ running through yard

One homeowner is questioning whether the prehistoric creatures are back after seeing a dinosaur-like animal running across her yard.

Ancient Mound Cities & Settlements of the Mississippian Culture

The Mississippian culture was a Native American civilisation, that emerged around AD 800 in the Mid-western, Eastern, and South-eastern regions of America.

Girl Scout cookies take flight in Virginia drone deliveries

Girl Scout cookies are now dropping out of the sky with this new technology.

John Paul Leon, legendary Batman and X-Men comic artist, dies aged 49

BELOVED comic book artist John Paul Leon has died aged just 49, according to reports.

Tom Hanks’ Son Sued For $1M By Ex-Girlfriend Over Alleged Physical And Verbal Abuse

Kiana Parker, Who Has Previously Obtained A Restraining Order Against Chet Hanks, Claims In Her Lawsuit That The 30-Year-Old Actor/Rapper Showed 'An Ever-Escalating Pattern Of Domestic Abuse.'

When the Dalai Lama dies, his reincarnation will be a religious crisis. Here’s what...

A decade ago, the Dalai Lama set himself a significant deadline. The best-known living Buddhist figure in the world said that when he turned 90 years old, he would decide whether he should be reincarnated -- potentially ending a role that has been key to Tibetan Buddhism for more than 600 years.

The most famous female cult leaders in the world

Equality... even in alleged cult leaders. Kinda...

Seattle And Gomorrah!

0 Seattle and Gomorrah! Just when you thought it was getting as bad as it could get. The Seattle City Council steps in...

Felix Silla Dies: Cousin Itt On TV’s ‘The ‘Addams Family’ Was 84

Felix Silla, best known as the gibberish-spouting Cousin Itt on the 1960s TV sitcom The Addams Family, died today from pancreatic cancer.

Late Bee Gee star’s son Robin-John Gibb is expecting his third child with wife...

Robin-John Gibb is set to become a father for the third time with partner Megan.

Jewish man, 29, brutally beaten near Times Square tells how pro-Palestinian mob shouted ‘Hamas...

A 29-year-old Jewish man was beaten by a group of people in New York City's Times Square on Thursday evening, police said.
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