Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Husband of Colorado mom who went missing is suspected of murder; arrested nearly 1...

Barry Morphew, the husband of missing Colorado mother Suzanne Morphew, has been arrested in Chaffee County on multiple charges, including first-degree murder, almost a year after Suzanne was first reported missing.

Lady Gaga’s Dognapping and Shooting Incident Reportedly Part of a Gang Initiation

The people who stole Lady Gaga's 2 French Bulldogs and shot her dogwalker may have been part of a gang initiation, and the woman who found the dogs hasn't received her $500,000 reward because cops have not yet cleared her ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

Here’s how brands are responding to hate crimes against Asian Americans

Unprovoked attacks targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have skyrocketed in recent months, prompting the public to demand that brands and their leaders speak up to denounce these hate crimes.

Boy died trying to save his sister from frozen Tennessee pond, family pastor says

A six-year-old girl is recovering in hospital two days after falling into a frozen pond that killed her 10-year-old brother as he tried to save her in Tennessee. Abigail Luckett is now able to speak to her family after she was taken off a ventilator on Tuesday, according to the family pasto

UFO fleet spotted above Lake Michigan could be proof of alien base, says conspiracy...

The UFO sighting above the Michigan lake has made several believe that there could be a secretive alien base in the vicinity

Police Rescue Migrants Hidden In Sealed Containers Filled With Glass Recyclables

Spanish authorities say they have found and rescued 41 migrants who tried to reach continental Europe from North Africa last week.

Scorned ex-wife, 27, gets just six years in prison for hiring a hitman to...

A New York woman has pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman in Ecuador to kill her ex-husband’s mother and his five-year-old daughter, in the hope that he would then spend more time with her.

Miami dude chases after his stolen Lamborghini on a scooter

14 year old kid steals a guy's lambo, who chases after him with a scooter.

German police say grenade-shaped item in forest was sex toy

The discovery of forgotten or hidden munitions is still a regular occurrence in Germany more than 75 years after the end of World War II. This time, the grenade was a dud - it turned out to be a sex toy.



PURE EVIL: Armed robbers who gang-raped woman at gunpoint in front of her two...

TWO armed robbers have been sentenced to death for the gang rape of a woman in front her two terrified children.

“I want my life back”: Britney Spears tells Judge in courtroom BOMBSHELL

In a 23-minute speech, the singer said she desperately wants to end her conservatorship, calling it an abusive system in which she was drugged and forced to work against her will.

A Philadelphia woman who said she was pistol-whipped during a domestic dispute turned house...

A Philadelphia woman who said she was pistol-whipped during a domestic dispute turned house fire claims she had to rescue herself and her grandmother when officers refused to go inside.

‘It was insane’: Teen raped by classmate in Johnson County, Kansas says school didn’t...

A recent graduate from a Johnson County, Kansas City opens up about her being a victim of rape; and how her accusation turned the school, and the student body against her.

Carla Zampatti, Australian fashion designer, dies aged 78, days after falling at opera premiere

Zampatti never recovered from a fall at an opera show last week.