Monday, August 15, 2022

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Two building staff who witnessed Asian woman, 65, being kicked in the head on...

The victim, 65, was on her way to church when she was attacked by a man in Manhattan on Monday. He reportedly told her: 'F*** you, you don't belong here.'

Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Mrs. Doubtfire (14 PICS)

Between the hilarious run-by-fruiting scene and Robin Williams’ non-stop silly antics playing an old woman, there’s no shortage of comedy in this heartfelt film. Here are 14 facts you might not know about Mrs. Doubtfire.

61-year-old Asian man in critical condition after brutal assault caught on video

The Asian man was struck to the ground and kicked in the head, police said.

Elon Musk Reveals He Has Asperger’s Syndrome During SNL Monologue

Elon Musk took a hard left turn from comedy as he hosted 'SNL' Saturday night ... announcing he has Asperger's.

‘She wanted more of the guy. The police were holding her back’: Asian woman,...

An elderly Asian woman fought back against a man who randomly attacked her in San Francisco and sent him to hospital covered in blood on a gurney.

A Mexican restaurant in Texas kept its mask rule. People threatened to call ICE...

A Mexican restaurant in Texas kept its mask rule. People threatened to call ICE on the staff.

Two drunk friends were left with swollen penises after injecting each other with hemorrhoid...

Note to matter how tempting it may be, resist the urge to inject your penis with an unknown foreign substance... Another one from the WTF news file...

New York woman is horrified to find a creepy hidden APARTMENT behind her bathroom...

A TikTok user has left the internet with goosebumps after revealing the jaw-dropping discovery she made after feeling a breeze coming from behind the bathroom mirror in her New York City apartment. User Samantha Hartsoe took to the popular video app to document the spine-tingling story, after she first felt the mysterious airflow, and decided to investigate.

The Batman Officially Wraps Filming with One Final Set Photo

The Batman director Matt Reeves has announced that the superhero movie has finally reached its last day of filming after a rather tumultuous production.

Darwin’s Arch loses its top due to erosion in Galapagos

The famed Darwin’s Arch in the Galapagos Islands has lost its top, and officials are blaming natural erosion of the stone.

Ohio parents of 19 children are charged after daughter who escaped the family reported...

An Ohio couple and two of their 19 children, who are adults, have been charged after their daughter who escaped the family came forward with a string of allegations against them.

Pandemic pushing thousands into sex work in Mexico

The coronavirus pandemic has forced thousands of women in Mexico City into sex work, including many who had left the trade behind.

‘Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page Set To Star In ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

The Dungeons & Dragons Movie Casts Yet Another Hot Person.

Video: Gunman opens fire on crowded playground in the Bronx

A masked shooter fired several rounds at a crowded playground in the Bronx, and the harrowing ordeal was caught on surveillance video.

Hollywood bigwigs shower praise on creators of Minnesota bowling alley drone video

A drone video shot in a Minneapolis bowling alley was hailed as an instant classic. One Hollywood veteran said it “adds to the language and vocabulary of cinema.”