Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Neanderthal genes can change clusters of human brain tissue, scientists find

A professor at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, and his team created brain organoids genetically modified to carry a gene that belonged to Neanderthals but not Homo sapiens.

4 killed when family’s car plunges into Alabama lake

Four people were killed Saturday after a family’s vehicle left the interstate and plunged into Logan Martin Lake, reported.

Bodies of 2 pre-teen sisters, found dead in canal in Florida

Police have identified the two young girls found in the same Lauderhill canal as sisters and said the girl’s mother is being investigated as a possible person of interest in their deaths.

Disney goes all-in on woke pandering as they “retire” Boba Fett’s canonical ship name...

Disney Lucasfilm has decided that Boba Fett's starship Slave 1 needs a new name for woke political correctness! The actor who played him in Star Wars A New Hope isn't having any of it!

‘Pull over when law enforcement stops you.’; Arkansas State Police Trooper Uses PIT Maneuver...

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Arkansas State Police after an officer who was attempting to get her to pull over caused her to flip her car while she was pregnant.

How Cops Took Down an Alleged Tree-Trimming Serial Killer Mid-Murder

A tree trimmer in rural Northern California has been charged in throat-slashing serial killings that left three people dead, prosecutors announced Thursday.

World’s first PREGNANT Ancient Egyptian mummy identified by scientists after X-ray scans of 2,000-year-old...

THE world's first PREGNANT Egyptian mummy has been identified by archaeologists after taking X-ray scans of a 2,000-year-old corpse.

Video Shows Woman Shout Racial Slurs at Black Cashier After Refusing to Wear Mask...

When other customers called her out for using the derogatory and racist language, she replied that "I can call him whatever I want"

Video: Off-duty bouncer grabs man after failed robbery in Dorchester

After a man who attempted to rob a Dorchester convenience store, an off-duty bouncer grabbed him until police arrived, officials said.

A Florida woman mysteriously disappeared. Cops say they found her in her husband’s backyard

Roberto Colon’s Boynton Beach house was the first place police officers went when investigating the disappearance of Maria Stella Gomez Mullet on Feb. 20. That’s where Gomez’s friends told police she was going when they last heard from her. And that’s where police found her Friday, according to an arrest report that paints Colon as a homicidal loudmouth. Fingerprints identified the human remains in Colon’s backyard as Gomez.

Despite the Objections of Police Unions, New York Publishes the Misconduct Records of More...

The disciplinary records of tens of thousands of police officers were made public this month in a push towards transparency — and after police unions failed to prevent the records from being made public.

CVS, Walgreens have wasted more Covid vaccine doses than most states combined

Months into the vaccination drive, the CDC has a limited view of how much vaccine is going to waste.

Side Effects of Giving Up Bananas, According to Science

Ditching these healthy fruits from your diet could have major effects on your health.

Burger King customer mad about wait time opens fire in drive-thru, Tennessee cops say

Police in Tennessee are looking for a woman accused of shooting into a Burger King drive-thru window earlier this week.

Police Had Mistaken A Man’s Penis As a Deadly Weapon During Body Search

'Is that a gun in your pocket or...' Excruciating video shows policeman mistaking man's penis for a deadly weapon during body search