Friday, August 12, 2022

Tag: conservationists have accused Nestlé of leveraging vast lobbying funds to bend local and federal officials to its will

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Husband, 38, is arrested for the murder of his wife 11 years after he...

A husband has been arrested for the murder of his wife 11 years after he told police an intruder broke into their home, grabbed his shotgun and shot her dead during a struggle.

Family of 11-year-old boy who died in Texas deep freeze files $100 million suit...

The family of an 11-year-old boy from Texas who froze to death after the family's mobile home lost power during cold weather are suing the electricity companies involved to the tune of $100 million.

Scientist behind COVID-19 mRNA vaccine says her team’s next target is cancer

'We have several different cancer vaccines based on mRNA'

Rhinos, camels and bone-crushing dogs once roamed Nebraska

An excavation site at an ancient watering hole reveals these secrets of the past and more.

Mauna Loa, The World’s Biggest Volcano, Is Waking Up And It’s Time To Prep...

Scientists monitoring the unsettled geological activity on Hawaii’s biggest island say that while an eruption of the volcano that dominates the landscape isn’t yet imminent, Mauna Loa’s long nap may be coming to an end.

Amazon admits its drivers sometimes have to pee in bottles

"Drivers can and do have trouble finding restrooms," Amazon admits.

Peloton refuses to recall its Tread+ treadmill after 39 accidents. Its stock is tumbling

On Saturday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said it has become aware of 39 accidents involving the $4,295 treadmill, including "multiple reports of children becoming entrapped, pinned, and pulled under" the machine. The CPSC said it's urging customers with small children and pets to stop using the machine immediately. A child died in March in an incident involving the machine.

Miami Beach unveils curfew due to uncontrollable crowds and declares state of emergency as...

Spring breakers invading Miami Beach have become so uncontrollable that authorities imposed a curfew on Saturday and declared a state of emergency as SWAT teams were seen moving in to clear people out.

Dad-of-three, 41, is shot twice while out jogging in Atlanta’s richest neighborhood Buckhead where...

A father-of-three out jogging on Saturday morning in Atlanta's wealthiest neighborhood, Buckhead, was shot twice by a 'mentally ill' man who police say also opened fire on two other people and mowed down a neighbor with his car.

“When did you add the bleach?”; Shake Shack manager FALSELY accused of giving poisoned...

The manager of a Manhattan Shake Shack has reportedly sued the NYPD after being falsely accused of trying to poison officers.

Louisiana gator swaps swamp life for Texas beach getaway

When members of the National Park Service's (NPS) turtle patrol were scouting the South Texas shore for sea turtles, they spotted an unusual visitor -- an American alligator. Katie Johnston reports.

Gay couple that faced harassment for 5 years from an alleged neighbor.

A man says he and his husband received countless subscriptions in the mail under names such as “Michelle Fruitzey,” an offensive play on their names, for about 5 years.

Two restaurant coworkers who bonded over adoption find out they’re biological sisters

It started as a joke. Cassandra Madison, 32, and Julia Tinetti, 31, began telling people they were sisters not long after they met in 2013 while working at The Russian Lady restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut, but a recent DNA test confirmed that they are actually biological sisters.

Widowed Foster Father With Cancer Only Takes In Terminally Ill Children

A widowed man who fosters and cares for terminally ill children will restore your faith in humanity – as well as make you cry.

12-year-old arrested for 4 armed carjackings in less than an hour, police say

A 12-year-old boy was arrested Friday after DC Police say he went on a carjacking spree the night before. In less than an hour, police said the pre-teen, from Southeast, D.C., attempted four armed carjackings in the District. He was successful on his fourth attempt and was last seen on V Street Northeast driving towards Rhode Island Avenue, according to police reports.