Saturday, August 13, 2022

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She got $662/month to run a tiny Washington town post office. When asked for...

Just like that, with a one-page notice stuffed into the 95 mailboxes, it was over for the little post office here on the Long Beach Peninsula. There was no mincing words. “ … this office has been terminated . . .”

Man Leaves Human Feces, Hurls Antisemitic Remarks At A Rabbi Outside Florida Synagogue

A man yelled antisemitic remarks at a rabbi in front of a South Florida synagogue. He returned and dumped a bag of human feces in front of the building, authorities said.

Police hunt man with a swastika on forehead who attacked a mother and her...

Authorities say the man yelled racial obscenities during the ‘cowardly and random attack’

Louisiana Couple stunned after bank mistakenly deposits $50B into their account

A husband and wife from Louisiana were reportedly stunned after they did a recent check of their balance in their bank account and found a deposit of $50 billion during the weekend.

‘I Did What Any Good Human Would Do’: Man does U-turn, Rescues Baby Left...

A man’s drive to work was anything but usual for him recently. When he was on his way to work last week he saw a man leaving a baby on the highway’s median.

In Peru, authorities allowed secret burials of virus victims

They tried to keep quiet about the mass graves... until somebody blabbed as people kept on demanding where their dead are buried.

Gavin MacLeod, ‘Love Boat’ captain, dies at 90

Gavin MacLeod, the veteran supporting actor who achieved fame as sardonic TV news writer Murray Slaughter on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and stardom playing cheerful Capt. Stubing on “The Love Boat,” has died. He was 90.

Brazilian singer MC Kevin falls from fifth-floor hotel balcony to his death as he...

BRAZILIAN singer MC Kevin fell to his death from a hotel balcony after allegedly trying to hide from his wife following a threesome with...

Graffiti or homage? Hi-tech imaging sheds light on Holy Sepulchre wall crosses

Crosses etched in mysterious abundance across the walls of Christianity’s most sacred church were long assumed to be graffiti, but they may be the work of mediaeval masons paid to carve them by pilgrims, research suggests.

Ohio woman accused of setting her home on fire after losing it to foreclosure

An Ohio woman is accused of setting her home on fire after losing it to foreclosure, authorities said.

Obamas’ family dog Bo dies: Heartbroken former president says farewell to his ‘true friend...

Former President Barack Obama announced that the family dog he promised to his girls after winning the presidency, Bo, has died.

Man propped dead wife on sofa in front of kids while they opened Christmas...

A Southern California man who killed his wife propped up her body on a sofa, told their children she was drunk and had them open Christmas presents in front of her body, a prosecutor told jurors at his murder trial.

‘Go Back Where You Came from!!!’; Texas Tourist Visiting Florida Goes on Racist Tirade...

A man visiting from Texas was arrested for an alleged hate crime in Okaloosa County.

Over 90 people found in possible human smuggling case, some with COVID-19 symptoms: Police

More than 90 people were found "huddled together" in a home in Houston in a possible case of human smuggling, the Houston Police Department said Friday.

Facing Deficit, Met Considers Selling Art to Help Pay the Bills

Facing a potential shortfall of $150 million because of the pandemic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has begun conversations with auction houses and its curators about selling some artworks to help pay for care of the collection.