Thursday, August 11, 2022

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70-year-old woman bludgeoned to death in Baldwin Park; suspect in custody after an hourslong...

A man suspected of bludgeoning a 70-year-old woman to death and injuring two others was taken into custody Thursday following an hourslong standoff as he barricaded himself in his Baldwin Park home, officials said.

Rampaging naked Florida woman with a Fentanyl patch in her pubic area, DESTROYS an...

Photos captured the moment a naked woman destroyed a bar in Florida before police came in and shot her with a stun gun before taking her into custody.

7 people shot outside Philadelphia sports bar; 4 in critical condition

7 people shot outside Philadelphia sports bar.

Judge drops murder charges against Montana woman, 38, who shot dead her ex-husband after...

A Montana woman who shot and killed her ex-husband after she claimed he tried to rape her has had the murder charges against her dropped, putting a definitive end to a roughly two-decade cycle of abuse she suffered at his hands.

A Psychedelic Drug Passes a Big Test for PTSD Treatment

A new study shows that MDMA, known as Ecstasy or Molly, can bring relief when paired with talk therapy to those with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Video: Off-duty bouncer grabs man after failed robbery in Dorchester

After a man who attempted to rob a Dorchester convenience store, an off-duty bouncer grabbed him until police arrived, officials said.

Honeybee venom found to rapidly KILL aggressive breast cancer cells

Honeybee Venom has been found to rapidly kill aggressive and hard-to-treat breast cancer cells, according to potentially groundbreaking new Australian research.

In Midair Cat-astrophe News: Angry CAT Attacks Pilot, Forcing Plane to Make Emergency Landing

Passenger plane forced to make emergency landing after 'stowaway cat attacked pilot' The Sudan to Qatar Tarco Airlines flight encountered a problem roughly 30 minutes in when a cat appeared and attacked the pilot

‘F*** this baby!!!’ Cops say Florida mom made videos of her violently slapping, suffocating...

Police have arrested a Hialeah woman who investigators say got into an argument with her ex-boyfriend and began sending him disturbing videos of her suffocating and repeatedly slapping their 5-week-old baby girl, and threatening to kill the child.

Woman, 28, punched crocodile three times to save twin sister being ‘thrown about like...

A British woman is in a coma after being rescued from a crocodile attack by her twin sister near a popular surfing resort in Mexico.

Bodies of 12 beheaded white expats are found after ISIS massacre in Mozambique town...

The bodies of 12 beheaded expats have been found after an ISIS massacre in a Mozambique town where a British worker was killed in a desperate escape bid.

Gibraltar becomes the first nation in the world to vaccinate entire adult population

All adults in the British territory have received both jabs, health secretary Matt Hancock confirmed on Thursday.

‘Breaking Bad’ in New Jersey: 19-Year Veteran Cop Suspended for Running Meth Lab Out...

Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said 50-year-old Christopher Walls, who has been suspended without pay from the Long Branch Police Department, manufactured and maintained the methamphetamine laboratory at his West End Avenue home.

Archaeologists unearth ancient beer factory in Abydos, Egypt

American and Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed what could be the oldest known beer factory at one of the most prominent archaeological sites of ancient Egypt: ABYDOS!

‘Car Sped Up To Hit Us!’; Six hospitalized, one critically injured, after hit-and-run Jeep...

A fun family gathering turned into a nightmarish terror early Sunday when a hit-and-run Jeep driver mounted a Bronx sidewalk and struck six people, critically injuring one of them, cops said.