Saturday, August 13, 2022

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India’s coronavirus death toll hits new record

India has recorded its highest daily coronavirus death toll since the pandemic began - a day after it became the first country to register more than 400,000 new cases.

‘Dragon Man’: Scientists discover massive skull from new ancient human species that lived 150,000...

Our understanding of human evolution could be 'reshaped' by the identification of a new ancient human that may replace Neanderthals as our closest relative.

Mexico moves to create world’s largest legal cannabis market

"We're taking away this beautiful plant from criminals and putting in the hands of retailers and farmers," said former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Kanye West sneakers fetch record $1.8M at private sale

The Kanye West sneakers that sent athletic shoes strutting down fashion runways sold for $1.8m, a new world record price for a pair of sneakers, Sotheby’s announced on Monday.

Sea turtle was trying to nest on beach – until Alabama teens poured alcohol...

Coastal Alabama police say they arrested a group of teens after they poured alcohol on a turtle that was trying to nest on the beach. Officers arrested...

High school theater teacher, 38, pleads guilty to secretly recording students undressing with hidden...

A former Herndon High School teacher accused of taking inappropriate photos of dozens of students and possessing thousands of images of child pornography and other lewd material pleaded guilty to multiple charges in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Monday.

What is THAT? Terrifying ‘ghost bird’ with freakishly big eyes and humongous mouth spooks...

This is the moment a bizarre-looking rare bird gave a woman a fright when she stumbled upon it sitting on a wooden post in Colombia. The unnamed woman initially thought the bird was part of the post, before realizing it was an elusive great Potoo, or Ghost Bird.

Florida tow company owner accused of fatally shooting man who refused to wait for...

The owner of a Florida towing company is accused of fatally shooting a customer after an argument over an impounded vehicle escalated, authorities said.

Woman gets back $1M lottery ticket she had thrown away

A Massachusetts woman who accidentally tossed out a $1 million lottery ticket eventually collected her winnings thanks to the kindness and honesty of the owners of the store where she bought it.

Woman Arrested After She Disfigured a Man’s Nose While Pretending to Be a Plastic...

A Florida woman who claimed to be a licensed plastic surgeon was arrested Thursday after a man claimed his face was disfigured after she performed nose surgery on him, police said.

Arby’s mega-moronic employee fired for writing homophobic slur on couple’s receipt

The employee was fired "within minutes" of the exchange, an Arby's spokesperson said, but the couple wants more action taken.

Long Island New Yorker busted for driving with 99 license suspensions

A Long Island man arrested for driving with 99 license suspensions.

Scientists Train Bees To Detect Coronavirus In Seconds

Scientists from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands conducted an experiment with the question: could bees be trained to detect SARS-CoV-2 infected samples in a Pavlovian conditioning method?

Alex Trebek’s Wife Reveals the “Beautiful” Discovery He Made Before His Death

Alex Trebek's wife, Jean Trebek, talked to NBC News about the impact the late Jeopardy! host had on people and what he discovered before he died of pancreatic cancer in 2020.

Mega Movie Trivia (148 PICS)

Read on for the best movie facts and prepare to clean house at the next Hollywood trivia night.