Sunday, August 14, 2022

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7-year-old accidentally shot in face by 9-year-old at apartment complex in Houston, police say

Authorities are investigating after a 7-year-old boy was accidentally shot by a 9-year-old in southwest Houston, according to the Houston Police Department.

Human penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns environmental scientist

Penises are shrinking and genitals becoming malformed because of pollution, an environmental scientist has warned in a new book detailing the challenges facing human reproduction.

Hot Male Politicians Getting Vaccinated Is 2021’s Strangest Thirst Trap

French health minister Olivier Véran is the latest politician to share a photo of himself receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, joining what is turning out to be the strangest thirst-trap trend of 2021.

New Jersey Cat with ‘Funky’ Face Looking for a Home: ‘He’s Extra-Cute Exactly the...

"Marbles has some congenital 'defects.' He is VERY small with a slightly big, round head and some funky eyes, which give him that 'Grumpy Cat' expression, but he's perfectly healthy. We think these things add character and that Marbles is extra-cute exactly the way he is," the rescue team wrote.

A Border Patrol canine sniffed out $60,000 worth of drugs stuffed inside breakfast burritos...

A K9 unit protecting the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona discovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs disguised in a bizarre way.

Married Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill drops out of Senate seat race after...

Confronted with leaked phone call, Alabama Republican John Merrill admits to affair, drops Senate bid

South Pacific Islanders Mourn For Their God: How Residents Of Yaoh-nanen Worshipped Prince Philip...

He might have only been a prince in the Commonwealth, but in Vanuatu, he was a god.

Georgia Man’s Dismembered Remains Identified After Investigators Find Bloody Chainsaw In His Stolen Jeep

Investigators believe that Christopher Collin Demmon killed and dismembered Justin Yeng Xiong and then stole his jeep. The vehicle was later found with a bloody chainsaw inside of it.

Soldier with a swastika tattooed on his testicle is jailed for 19 months for...

An Austrian soldier has been jailed for 19 months after getting a swastika tattooed on his testicle.

CHILLING MESSAGE: Schoolgirl, 11, writes ‘help… robbers!’ on wall during Zoom class after being...

Fearful for her life, an 11-year-old Asian-American girl scrawled 'help...robbers!!' on the wall of a bathroom after being locked inside by intruders who had broken into her family's San Francisco home and stripped it of valuables.

Study Finds That Cows Talk And Show Compassion Just Like Humans

According to a new study, cows actually speak with each other and tell each other how they feel through their moos.

You’ve got an officer with a family who went to work this morning thinking...

A police officer who was one of three people killed in a shooting at a suburban Denver shopping district was ambushed by a suspect who expressed hatred toward police, authorities said Tuesday.

Dave Chappelle tests positive for COVID-19

By Jessica Napoli / Fox News Dave Chappelle tested positive for coronavirus. The stand-up star, 47, broke the news just before his comedy show was scheduled to start Thursday. Chappelle had since canceled...

University of Kentucky mistakenly sends 500,000 acceptances

In a crazy circumstance of "technical glitch", the University of Kentucky accidentally sends 500,000 acceptance emails.

Hollywood star Steven Seagal, 69, joins pro-Putin political party five years after getting Russian...

The Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, a long-time admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin, has joined a pro-Kremlin party, the party said on Sunday.