Friday, August 12, 2022

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Facing Deficit, Met Considers Selling Art to Help Pay the Bills

Facing a potential shortfall of $150 million because of the pandemic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has begun conversations with auction houses and its curators about selling some artworks to help pay for care of the collection.

Oakland man uses machete to scare away robbers who targeted his Asian parents

Dramatic surveillance video coming out of Oakland shows the moment four people approach a pair of seniors, rob them and are chased away thanks to their machete-wielding son.

Gunman, 33, is arrested after cops lockdown Florida’s Everglades National Park over ‘active shooter’

Gunman, 33, is arrested after cops lockdown Florida's Everglades National Park over 'active shooter'

Michael Jordan donates $10 million to open new medical clinics in his North Carolina...

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is donating $10 million to launch two medical clinics in underserved communities near his hometown in North Carolina, a regional health care system announced Monday.

Deb Haaland becomes first-ever Native American U.S. cabinet secretary

The U.S. Senate confirmed Representative Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior, making her the first Native American to lead a cabinet agency and giving her a central role in President Joe Biden’s sweeping plans to fight climate change.

Las Vegas mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth

Mother sues midwives after baby dies during home birth.

Customs: Woman hid cocaine in shoes at Atlanta airport

A Georgia woman was caught trying to smuggle $40,000 worth of cocaine in multiple pairs of shoes through the Atlanta airport.

2 Giraffes Dead After Fire Engulfs Zoo

Two giraffes have died after a fire engulfed their barn at a zoo in suburban Washington, D.C.

Trio Of Earthquakes Rattle Los Angeles, Orange County: Did You Feel It?

A magnitude 4.0 quake was the largest of three small earthquakes that rattled Los Angeles and Orange County out of bed Monday morning.

Body wrapped in tarp and buried in 3ft grave IS missing Amish girl, 18,...

Human remains found during a search Wednesday are that of the missing Amish teenager who disappeared in Pennsylvania last summer, officials believe.

San Diego police officers filmed repeatedly punching homeless man and putting him in headlock...

San Diego cops have shared bodycam footage showing a homeless man being punched by a police officer while he and his colleague arrested the vagrant for peeing in the street.

After months on lam, slaughterhouse escapee beefalo caught

The Plymouth Police is happy to announce the capture of the ever elusive Buddy the Beefalo.

Last Wild Macaw is lonely and looking for love.

A blue-and-yellow macaw that zookeepers named Juliet is believed to be the only wild bird of its kind left in the Brazilian city where the birds once flew far and wide.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, 14, Attends Kentucky Derby with Her Dad Larry

Dannielynn Birkhead's Kentucky Derby Style — See How Grown Up She Looks!

Kroger now says it ACCIDENTALLY administered ‘empty syringes’ instead of COVID-19 vaccines

A Kroger spokesperson confirmed on Thursday that one of its The Little Clinic locations "made a mistake and administered empty syringes instead of the COVID-19 vaccine."