Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson in critical condition after being shot in the...

The Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson is in a critical condition after sustaining a gunshot wound to her head in an incident in south London, her affiliated group, Taking the Initiative party, has announced on social media.

DEAF Black woman detained, handcuffed by police as crying daughters asked to interpret

Andrea Hollingsworth, a deaf Black woman, was forcibly handcuffed by police as her 11-year-old twin daughters panicked and tried interpreting for the officers. She says her daughters are the only reason she's alive.

Gigantic Stratolaunch aircraft makes 2nd test flight

The largest airplane ever to take flight has made its second voyage, soaring above California's Mojave desert.

Active shooter at Oneida Casino in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin

BREAKING NEWS: Mass shooting at casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Massachusetts Seafood Company Loses Up To $12K Worth Of Lobsters After Disgruntled Former Owner...

A man was charged after allegedly being caught on video destroying between $8,000-$12,000 worth of lobsters at a seafood market in the Cape Cod town of Sandwich, Massachusetts.

7 Pro-Trump Oregon Counties Have Voted To Secede And Become Part Of ‘Greater Idaho’,...

In rural Oregon, voters in several counties want their state to go from Democratic blue to Republican red — and to do that, they hope to leave Oregon altogether and join neighboring Idaho. Five counties approved ballot measures this week, joining two others that had already voted in favor of the idea.

Transplant patient dies 61 days after getting COVID-19-infected lungs

A woman has died with coronavirus after being given infected lungs in a double transplant. The transplant patient, who has not been named had chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) so was given the two new organs at a hospital in Michigan, US, last year.

‘Go back into your little cage until the monkey controller gets here’: Retired LAPD...

A retired Los Angeles police detective was caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a young black man after a minor car accident in California.

Papa John’s founder says he’s been working to get the N-word out of his...

The former CEO of Papa John's is assuring the public he's been working on not using racist language, an effort that has apparently been ongoing for nearly two years.

Daft Punk announce split after nearly three decades with explosive ‘Epilogue’ video

After nearly 3 decades of music collaboration, the duo announces their split via an 8 minute music video.

Joaquin Phoenix Really Wants You to Watch This Documentary About a Lovable Pig

Filmmaker Viktor Kossakovsky discusses the making of “Gunda,” a stunning new documentary about farm animals centered on a soulful mother pig.

Realtor killed during Facebook Marketplace sale of dirt bike, police say

A man who drove out to Jefferson Parish to sell a dirt bike he advertised on social media was found shot to death Monday.

SCARY: Police seize real gun disguised as Nerf toy in North Carolina drug raid

Police in North Carolina found a real gun disguised as a Nerf toy while conducting a drug raid in Catawba County, north of Charlotte, this week.

Colton Underwood strips off for shirtless selfie as petition grows to axe his new...

Colton Underwood has been working on himself inside and out. The former “Bachelor,” who recently revealed to the world that he’s gay, showed off new photos of his impressively chiseled abs alongside a message about his personal wellness.

CNN Cuts Ties With Contributor Rick Santorum

CNN is parting ways with contributor Rick Santorum, the former Republican Senator and presidential candidate who has come under fire for remarks he made last month about Native American culture.