Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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How Egypt’s first female ship’s captain was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal –...

She was 100s of miles away from the Suez Canal but social media & other media blamed her for the ship that got stuck. Her image was used in many of the stories that named & blamed he The effort that misogynists go to to make a woman a target, but surely the main consequence of this is that now the world knows who Marwa Elselehdar is, and we demand a TV show about her life

2 BUCK naked and lost sunbathers FLEEING from DEER were each fined $750.00 for...

Police officers have fined two men who had to be rescued from an Australian forest after they were startled by a deer while nude sunbathing on a beach and became lost.

LAX-Bound Spirit Airlines Plane Diverted When Shirtless Passenger Tries to Open Exit Door

The passenger, who was described as "unruly," was on Flight 185 from Cleveland to Los Angeles, officials said.

River, the real-life dog that was the inspiration for Fallout 4’s Dogmeat, has passed...

"She was more than a mascot or an inspiration - she was part of the team." - Joel Burgess

Dallas mother arrested after stabbing of her daughter 30 over times

Madison Petry died after being stabbed on Thursday. Troyshaye Mone Hall, 23, faces a capital murder charge in her daughter's slaying, as well as a charge of aggravated assault in the stabbing of a 16-year-old boy.

Tour de France TRAIN WRECK: A fan with a fan-sign crashes the entire event,...

The Tour de France descended into chaos Saturday after a careless fan caused a massive crash at the event when their sign hit one of the riders.

“In a car with a stranger. I hope I’m not being abducted.”: Missing American...

An American woman studying in Russia, who went missing four days ago, has been found dead and a man has been arrested on suspicion of her murder, Russian police said Saturday.

Derpy TikToker from Michigan required fire department rescue after failed sex fetish stunt gone...

“My whole TikTok is basically sex work and giving sex work advice, specifically online sex work,” she said in the video, “and ‘stuck’ is a fetish category that I’m pretty popular in and done for about nine years now. I was just working, and yeah, it was my job. I was literally just working.”

Mushrooms on Mars? Scientists claim to have found evidence of FUNGI on the Red...

Scientists analyzing images snapped by NASA's Curiosity rover on the Red Planet and the orbiting HiRISE craft believe they've found life on Mars in the form of mushrooms.

New York man convicted of selling sharks on the internet

An upstate man was hit with a $5,000 fine Tuesday for illegally keeping seven live sandbar sharks in a pool in his basement — and trying to sell them online.

Suicide bombers hits Palm Sunday Mass in Indonesia, 20 wounded

Two attackers believed to be members of a militant network that pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group blew themselves up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral during a Palm Sunday Mass on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, wounding at least 20 people, police said.

What is THAT? Terrifying ‘ghost bird’ with freakishly big eyes and humongous mouth spooks...

This is the moment a bizarre-looking rare bird gave a woman a fright when she stumbled upon it sitting on a wooden post in Colombia. The unnamed woman initially thought the bird was part of the post, before realizing it was an elusive great Potoo, or Ghost Bird.

The first-ever genetically modified salmon is going to be on dinner plates in the...

The inaugural harvest of genetically modified salmon began this week after the pandemic delayed the sale of the first such altered animal to be cleared for human consumption in the United States, company officials said.

Former Mississippi State Representative Ashley Henley found shot to death: Ex-lawmaker who campaigned to...

A former Mississippi lawmaker was found shot dead outside the burned home where her sister-in-law was found dead after Christmas.

‘I did a horrible thing’: Oregon man shoots sister in law in the back...

An Oregon man allegedly shot his sister-in-law Sunday morning after an argument he had with his brother over laundry, police reported.