Monday, January 24, 2022

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“The mistake happened, but you know, when the mistake happens, you just correct it...

It was never Bobby Read’s intention to buy the Brooksville water tower. But for a brief period, due to a paperwork error, he was the owner.

Locals baffled as more than 100 sinkholes appear in two months

Around 100 sinkholes have opened up in central Croatia after two earthquakes in December. Some holes have emerged under residential houses, forcing occupants to evacuate.

Texas man arrested on weapons charge near Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence with rifle...

District of Columbia police on Wednesday arrested a man near the vice president's residence on a weapons charge. Vice President Kamala Harris does not live at the home yet.

Miami Beach unveils curfew due to uncontrollable crowds and declares state of emergency as...

Spring breakers invading Miami Beach have become so uncontrollable that authorities imposed a curfew on Saturday and declared a state of emergency as SWAT teams were seen moving in to clear people out.

Two sheriff’s deputies are indicted for manslaughter in the death of man 40, who...

Two Texas sheriff's deputies were charged with manslaughter for the death of a black man who was repeatedly tasered while his traffic stop was filmed for Live PD.

‘Oh, and by the way, Gunther has cancer.’: Friends actor James Michael Tyler reveals...

James Michael Tyler, the actor best known for playing Gunther - Central Perk's sarcastic coffee shop owner on NBC's hit sitcom Friends - has revealed he's fighting stage 4 prostate cancer.

Gigantic Stratolaunch aircraft makes 2nd test flight

The largest airplane ever to take flight has made its second voyage, soaring above California's Mojave desert.

‘I hope I make it’: Heartbreaking video shows final moments of ‘scared’ first-time skydiver,...

Heartbreaking video shows a California teen's last moments before plunging to his death during a 2016 skydiving jump. Attorneys representing Tyler Turner's family released the video after being awarded a $40million judgment against Bill Dause, owner of the Lodi Parachute Center.

Serial Stowaway Marilyn Hartman gives her first interview EVER and reveals (from prison) her...

A woman who earned the nickname 'Serial Stowaway' after she spent nearly two decades sneaking onto dozens of flights without a ticket has revealed how her confident demeanor helped her bypass security with ease.

Horrifying moment two pilots are killed when plane crashes during gender reveal party in...

Two people have been killed after a plane nosedived and crashed into the sea during a gender reveal party in Cancun, Mexico.

‘Person of interest’ sought after newborn abandoned in trash can of Lynwood park bathroom

A newborn baby was found abandoned in a bathroom trash can at a park in Lynwood and authorities are searching for a person of interest wanted for questioning in the case.

Iowa Woman Pleads Guilty To Mowing Down Black And Latino Kids, 12 And 14,...

An Iowa woman who tried to kill two children in 2019 by hitting them with her car because she thought they were of Middle Eastern, African or Mexican descent has pleaded guilty to attempted murder and hate crime charges, the authorities said.

Defanged and Declawed LION Seized By Authorities From Home After Owner Tried To Turn...

Cambodian police officers have seized a defanged and declawed 'pet' lion that appeared in several TikTok videos taken at a villa in Phnom Penh.

Drone Video Shows Endangered, North Atlantic Right Whales Embracing One Another With Their Flippers

Were these whales really hugging — or was it just a fluke?