Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Two 14-Year-Olds Accused of Murdering Texas Mom of 3 While She Delivered Uber Eats

By Chris Harris / Arrests have been made in connection with the slaying of Ryan Munsie, a mother of three who was killed Saturday night in...

Women pose as ‘grannies’ to get coronavirus vaccine — and it worked, official says

Two Florida women were caught trying to get their second COVID-19 vaccine by being dressed up as old women, officials said.

Man who killed his mother arrested in brutal attack on Asian woman in NYC

A homeless man on lifetime parole after serving time for killing his mother has been arrested in the brutal attack Monday on a 65-year-old Asian woman in midtown Manhattan. Police say Brandon Elliot, 38, was apprehended in a hotel where he was staying that's being used as a homeless shelter. It's near the site of the attack.

Cyclist, 58, is killed after ignoring stop signs at Miami River drawbridge and falling...

A bicyclist who ignored warning signs and tried to beat a Miami drawbridge slid to his death down the rising concrete slab, police said.

Boy, 6, arrested and charged for picking flower from North Carolina lawn

The little boy was forced to go to juvenile court in the US state of North Carolina to face charges of injury to real property after picking the tulip from the area.

Tulsa Police Searching For Stolen Unmarked Patrol Car

Tulsa Police Searching For Stolen Unmarked 2020 black Ford Escape patrol car that has a paper tag.

Black burglar wore life-like White man mask complete with fake hair and glasses to...

Police officers in LA have arrested a man who they believe could be linked to over 30 burglaries, in which the suspect appeared to dress up as a white man.

Funny Shower Thoughts That Are Total Truth Bombs (19 PICS)

Many people have some of their smartest and most creative ideas in the shower. Check these genius shower thoughts that we've found.

A Columbia professor who uses heroin says the drug helps him maintain a work-life...

The professor Carl Hart has studied psychoactive drugs for more than three decades, thinks all drugs should be legal.

A raised subway track has collapsed in Mexico City, plunging train carriages with passengers...

An overpass for Mexico City’s metro partially collapsed with train cars on it on Monday night, videos on Mexican television and social media showed, although it was not immediately clear if there were injuries or any fatalities.

Disney to close at least 60 North American stores, focus on e-commerce

Disney plans to close at least 20% of its stores with focus on e-commerce

Crystal ball starts Wisconsin house fire that causes $250K in damage, officials say

A crystal ball is being blamed for starting a fire that caused an estimated $250,000 in damage to a Wisconsin home on Monday, authorities said.

Pet owners are dressing their dogs with spiked BODY ARMOR to protect them from...

Worried pet owners are buying spiked body armor for their beloved dogs and cats to try and stop them being seized and eaten by America's booming bald eagle population.

Woman makes bone-chilling discovery after taking her car to the mechanic: ‘Saved her life’

A mechanic’s disturbing video of what he found beneath a woman’s car during an inspection is going viral on social media.

Vulnerable Polar Bears Are Mating With Grizzly Bears To Create Hybrid Animals, Known As...

A hybrid animal that’s a mix of polar bear and grizzly bear has been created in the wake of the ongoing global warming crisis.