Saturday, August 13, 2022

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‘I have been tortured by the lie I told’: Black man wrongly jailed for...

A New Orleans man sentenced to 99 years in prison in 2000 has been released after more than two decades behind bars when his accuser finally admitted he'd made up the armed robbery claim - and picked the future inmate at random out of a lineup.

Deadly diving? Beware The Sperm Whale’s Deadly Call

A sperm whale’s clicks are powerful enough for them to communicate with other sperm whales thousands of miles away. They are also powerful enough to easily blow out a diver's eardrums or vibrate a diver to death.

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage’s 1997 Action Classic Face/Off to Get a ‘Direct Sequel’

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage's 1997 Action Classic Face/Off to Get a 'Direct Sequel' John Travolta and Nicolas Cage starred in the original action film, which follows the story of two enemies who take on each other's identities — and faces.


The finding could rewrite our understanding of how the Earth developed.

‘I’ve smothered my kids because I would do anything to protect them’: Texas mom...

According to the arrest affidavit, she said her children were allegedly abused and she would do anything to protect them, including eliminating them.

Soon-to-Be Pulled Dr. Seuss Books Shoot To The Top Of Amazon’s Best-Seller List

Several Dr. Seuss books have risen to the top of Amazon's bestseller list just days after the author's estate said it would stop publishing six books that contained racist or offensive imagery.

Alberta, Canada has been waging a war against rats since the 1950s (There are...

One Canadian province has virtually eliminated its vermin—and shows how others can too.

Tennessee hat shop under fire for Star of David ‘Not Vaccinated’ badges

A Tennessee hat shop has come under fire for selling “Not Vaccinated” stick-on patches modeled after the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe.

“I think it was an amazing weight off of his shoulders to finally be...

For nearly eight decades, former Army Private Osceola "Ozzie" Fletcher's experience in the Battle of Normandy went unrecognized.

Disney and Marvel Face New Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing Iron Man, Ant-Man Designs

Montreal-based comic book company Horizon Comics and its founders Ben and Raymond Lai are suing Disney and Marvel Entertainment, alleging in their suit that Marvel repeatedly stole designs their designs on multiple occasions in the Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Avengers films.

Explosion kills man making bombs to pay off lawn mower purchase, Ohio sheriff says

The 55-year-old was building improvised explosive devices in his garage, officials say.

North Carolina woman wins $2M after buying wrong lottery ticket

A North Carolina woman won $2 million after buying a lottery ticket for a drawing she was not even trying to enter.

Chayce Beckham wins ‘American Idol,’ the first Southern California singer ever to do so

I can tell you, it's very close at the moment. You can't assume your favorite is safe,” host Ryan Seacrest announced during the first hour of Sunday’s American Idol Season 19 finale, as one of the strongest batches of finalists in the series’ history — soul/pop diva Grace Kinstler, gospel/R&B powerhouse Willie Spence, and country-rocker Chayce Beckham — performed one last time for America’s votes.

WWII Veteran’s Postcard Is Finally Delivered to His Family 77 Years Later: ‘It’s a...

In 1943, Bill Caldwell, then 18, wrote to his uncle Fred about his first week in England's Royal Navy. Now, Caldwell's six children get to read it.

Cat allegedly stolen by Uber Eats driver located, reunited with its owner

A cat that was allegedly stolen by an Uber Eats driver has been found and was reunited with its family on Thursday morning.