Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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‘I’m leaving you because you are having an affair.’ The poignant emails to Hunter...

Book details how Hunter Biden’s wife found out about affair with Beau’s widow

Boy died trying to save his sister from frozen Tennessee pond, family pastor says

A six-year-old girl is recovering in hospital two days after falling into a frozen pond that killed her 10-year-old brother as he tried to save her in Tennessee. Abigail Luckett is now able to speak to her family after she was taken off a ventilator on Tuesday, according to the family pasto

Chicago man charged with attempted murder after police say he drove his truck into...

A Chicago man was charged with attempted murder after allegedly driving his car into a picnic, according to police. Witnesses said the man also made anti-Asian comments during the incident, according to local news outlets.

‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic accepts Carole Baskin’s offer to help him get out...

The 'Tiger King' star agreed to support legislation to end private ownership of big cats

Ikea subsidiaries in France has been fined over 1 million USD equivalent for spying...

Ikea fined $1.3 million over spying on staff and customers in France.

Manhattan Beach land seized from Black family may be returned to descendants nearly a...

A beachfront property in Manhattan Beach that was seized from a Black family 97 years ago may be returned to the family's descendants.

Woman who sold car to 13-year-old charged in subsequent crash that killed 71-year-old driver

A woman who sold her car to a 13-year-old boy is behind bars, charged with murder in a subsequent crash in which the teen killed an elderly driver.

Otters at Georgia Aquarium test positive for Covid-19

Otters at the Georgia Aquarium most likely picked up COVID-19 from an asymptomatic staff member, officials say.

Drone Video Shows Endangered, North Atlantic Right Whales Embracing One Another With Their Flippers

Were these whales really hugging — or was it just a fluke?

‘If anything happens to me, it would be Larry’: Family of Maya Millette reveal...

'If anything happens to me, it would be Larry': Family of Maya Millette reveal the missing mom-of-three's chilling warning about her husband just days before she vanished and that he sent them photo of bloody ALTAR with a picture of her

San Diego police officers filmed repeatedly punching homeless man and putting him in headlock...

San Diego cops have shared bodycam footage showing a homeless man being punched by a police officer while he and his colleague arrested the vagrant for peeing in the street.

Ex-Boyfriend of Slain Woman’s Girlfriend May Have Been Involved in Murder, Police Say

The victim's girlfriend told police that her ex-boyfriend was jealous of their relationship and had made threats against the victim in the past.

Bloodhound tracks abducted SIX-YEAR-OLD Tennessee girl to a dilapidated shed with poor ventilation, little...

An abducted 6-year-old girl has been found safe and unharmed, thanks in part to a K-9 named Fred.

SoCal family shares warning of rare illness linked to coronavirus after 8-year-old son hospitalized

Rodriguez says it took his wife researching what could be wrong with their son to discover MIS-C, or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, a rare illness primarily affecting children.

Man sues Hertz over receipt that cleared him of murder

A Michigan man is suing a car rental company for failing to produce in a timely manner a receipt that would have proved his innocence long before he was convicted of a 2011 murder