Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Zoo Kept Quiet For Days After THREE Leopards Escaped. One Big cat Is STILL...

A Chinese zoo is under scrutiny for keeping the escape of three leopards from a big cat enclosure under wraps.

Meet Skipper! ‘Miracle’ puppy born with SIX legs and TWO tails due to conjoining...

A puppy in the US has been branded a ‘miracle’ after genetic complications caused it to be born with six legs, two tails and other unique traits.

Dad bods are preferred by nearly 75% of singles, survey suggests

Put down the weights and pick up a beer, gentlemen – a survey has found that nearly 75% of singles prefer a dad bod.

Texas Sex Trafficking Survivor Sues Motel 6, According to Annie McAdams PC and Co-Counsel

New lawsuit follows filing of five other cases against G6 defendants last week.

Supreme Court unanimously BLOCKS 400,000 immigrants who entered the US illegally and were allowed...

The Supreme Court rules that thousands of people living in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons are ineligible to apply to become permanent residents. The ruling affects 400,000 people from 12 countries who arrived in the U.S. illegally.

Porn star Belle Delphine earns $1.2m monthly after selling bathwater to fans

Internet famous adult model Belle Delphine is reportedly clearing well over $1 million a month from her fans on OnlyFans, according to a new report.

Rape victim, 16, is tied to her alleged attacker and beaten as she is...

Sickening. This poor girl, shamed for being raped by being tied to her rapist (by her own male relatives) & paraded through a mob of men spitting on & beating her.

Grandma Caught Drunk Driving With Toddler in Her Lap Was Found To Be Intoxicated...

Police in Santa Rosa arrested a woman on Thursday who was intoxicated while driving with her grandchild on her lap.

Dog kills Illinois toddler after she got too close to its food bowl

An Illinois toddler is dead after authorities said she got too close to the family dog's food bowl.

16 missing children recovered by US marshals in the Philadelphia area

A four-week operation by U.S Marshals and other local officials located 16 children who went missing from across the Philadelphia area -- including four believed to be involved in sex-trafficking, authorities announced.

100 Facts About Walt Disney World

Sure, you may already know Disney World is the most magical place—ever. But there’s so much about the park I’m sure you don’t know. From little-known facts to full blown secrets, we’ve uncovered over 100 Walt Disney World facts that are sure to surprise.

Florida man arrested for fatal stabbing of grandfather after pulling human ears from pocket...

A Florida man was arrested Sunday for fatally stabbing and mutilating his grandfather, after he pulled the man’s ears from his pocket while being questioned by deputies, investigators said.

300-Year-Old Pirate Skeletons From Fabled ‘Black Sam’ Crew Found Off Cape Cod

The remains may include those of the legendary pirate himself, Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy, a.k.a. “The Robin Hood of the Sea.”

Boston schools chair resigns over racially charged texts

The chair of the Boston School Committee resigned amid criticism of racially charged texts she shared with another member of the committee.

California allocates $1.4 million to track and stop attacks against Asian Americans

Reports of hate crimes against Asian Americans surging across the U.S. during the pandemic.