Sunday, August 14, 2022

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A restaurant worker got spat on when she asked a customer to put on...

TODAY IN STUPID: A restaurant worker asked a customer to put on a mask. Then, she says, he spit at her.

The rapist who faked his death on Carmel beach has been jailed for 15...

A rapist who tried to evade justice by fleeing Scotland then faking his own death at one of California's most dangerous beaches has been jailed for 15 years.

She got $662/month to run a tiny Washington town post office. When asked for...

Just like that, with a one-page notice stuffed into the 95 mailboxes, it was over for the little post office here on the Long Beach Peninsula. There was no mincing words. “ … this office has been terminated . . .”

Disney fan complains that Walt Disney World is becoming too ‘woke’

Changes to Disney’s employee dress code and new versions of popular rides, including Splash Mountain, have something in common: WOKEDOM.

Pastor’s wife, 47, and her lover, 26, are arrested for murdering her husband after...

An Oklahoma pastor's wife and her lover have been arrested for the murder of her husband after plotting to kill him after they all had a threesome in a hotel.

Celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey dead at 87

The celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey has died. During his high-profile career lasting more than forty years, he represented O.J. Simpson, Patricia Hearst and the alleged Boston strangler.

In nod to Trump, Florida is set to become first state to punish social...

Florida is set to become first state to punish social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for 'deplatforming' politicians with fines of up to $250,000 a day.

The Best Batman film to date? And it’s a fan film at that.

Is this one of the best Batman film to date?

Florida Man Wrestles 8-Foot Alligator To Save His Dog

A Florida man wrestled an alligator to save his 8-month-old dog while they were out for a walk on Tuesday.

Tyrannosaurus Rex walked surprisingly slowly, new study finds

Tyrannosaurus rex had a walking speed similar to many living species including humans, a new study by Dutch paleontologists has revealed.

Disney+ removes ‘Dumbo,’ ‘Peter Pan,’ from children’s profiles over negative stereotypes

Disney+ has removed several movies from children's profiles on its service due to negative stereotypes. The Walt Disney Company previously showed content warnings on the films for “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people and cultures” in October but has now removed access to the films for children under 7. Adults can still view the movies on their Disney+ accounts with the content warnings

An accused Capitol rioter who ‘stole gas mask from police officer’ was suffering from...

US Capitol riot defendant Anthony Antonio was hooked on Fox News and developed "Foxitis" and believed the lies about the 2020 election, his lawyer said during a virtual court hearing.

2 hikers die in apparent 100-foot fall from icy cliff in Acadia National Park

The bodies of two hikers who died in an apparent 100-foot fall from an icy mountain cliff in Maine's Acadia National Park were located and recovered after an air and ground search was launched when they were reported missing by relatives.

Dog kills Illinois toddler after she got too close to its food bowl

An Illinois toddler is dead after authorities said she got too close to the family dog's food bowl.

Damon Weaver, Child Reporter Who Interviewed President Barack Obama at the White House, dies...

At the age of ten, Damon Became an internet sensation. In 2009 he got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Damon got a chance to take a trip to the White House and interview President Obama. He passed away at 23.