Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Firefighters Remove 15,000 Bees from Car Parked Outside of a Grocery Store

A man who just finished his grocery shopping began to drive out of the store’s parking lot before he noticed that about 15,000 bees had made themselves at home inside his car on Sunday.

‘Sports Car’ That Drives on Water Just Like a Jet Ski

Beachgoers enjoying the northern coast of Egypt really got a show, as a high-tech car cruised across the water.

Man sues Apple for terminating Apple ID with $24K worth of content

Apple has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that its media services terms and conditions, which permit the company to terminate an Apple ID, are "unlawful" and "unconscionable."

Research shows promising development in hunt for HIV vaccine

Though they've shown success, the trials are still in the very early stages.

Soon-to-Be Pulled Dr. Seuss Books Shoot To The Top Of Amazon’s Best-Seller List

Several Dr. Seuss books have risen to the top of Amazon's bestseller list just days after the author's estate said it would stop publishing six books that contained racist or offensive imagery.

Scientists find parts of Australia have unusually high rates of motor neuron disease that...

Some researchers in Australia believe that harmful blooms of blue-green algae that are on the rise again are linked to increasingly high rates of motor neuron disease, a condition which causes paralysis and early death.

The next Squad member? MeToo activist and actress Alyssa Milano says she is ‘considering’...

Actress and outspoken MeToo activist Alyssa Milano has revealed that she is considering a run for Congress in a California district that has long been held by Republicans.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Texas to empty state prison to make room for...

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed Thursday the agency has been directed by Gov. Greg Abbott to move prisoners from the Briscoe Unit in Dilley to make room for migrants with low-level offenses.

Prices at Trump’s NYC buildings have plunged in the latest sign that his name...

According to a new analysis, Donald Trump's properties in New York have lost about half their value since he was elected president, as fewer groups are willing to risk being associated with his toxic personality.

Naval officer shoots himself dead in luxury Hawaii hotel room after firing at cops...

A Hawaii resort went into an hours-long lockdown early Sunday after a hotel guest — believed to be a local military man — started firing through his door at staff, according to police

Tropical Depression Claudette leaves 13 dead in Alabama; including 9 children in multi-vehicle crash,...

Tropical Depression Claudette continued its destructive path Sunday night, leaving at least 13 dead in Alabama as it strengthened along its path towards the Atlantic Coast.

Scientists Found a Way to Communicate With People Who Are Asleep And Dreaming

Scientists Found a Way to Communicate With People Who Are Asleep And Dreaming. Scientists have identified a new phenomenon they describe as "interactive dreaming", where people experiencing deep sleep and lucid dreams are able to follow instructions,.

A Twitter user fooled Trump by setting up fake accounts and raising $7,384 for...

By Kevin Shalvey/Business Insider Using fake Twitter accounts, a 21-year-old from Pennsylvania raised more than $7,000 for a bogus "Gay Voices for Trump" campaign,...

‘Pull over when law enforcement stops you.’; Arkansas State Police Trooper Uses PIT Maneuver...

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Arkansas State Police after an officer who was attempting to get her to pull over caused her to flip her car while she was pregnant.

‘F*** this baby!!!’ Cops say Florida mom made videos of her violently slapping, suffocating...

Police have arrested a Hialeah woman who investigators say got into an argument with her ex-boyfriend and began sending him disturbing videos of her suffocating and repeatedly slapping their 5-week-old baby girl, and threatening to kill the child.