Saturday, August 13, 2022

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‘It is tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect’: Singer Macy Gray has called for a...

Singer Macy Gray says it's time for the U.S. flag to be updated as it "no longer represents ALL of us."

Deadly butt injection at Missouri hotel leads to prison for Texas woman, officials say

A Dallas woman was sentenced to five years in prison for causing a nightclub dancer’s death by performing an illegal cosmetic butt injection on her in Missouri.

Woman, 43, faces up to three years in jail for revenge porn after sharing...

A woman in Illinois has been found guilty in a case of 'revenge porn' where she showed off inappropriate pictures of another woman to prove her fiancé was cheating.

TikTok gets ‘chills’ over child’s alleged paranormal encounter: ‘Something is literally pulling her’

A father on TikTok is sharing videos claiming that his young daughter is being tormented by some kind of paranormal being. Josh Dean’s videos look as though they’ve been filmed in night vision while his child is supposed to be sleeping. In one of the more viral videos, a timestamp in the upper left-hand corner says it’s around 11 p.m.

Atlanta Woman Shot In Leg After Rejecting A Man’s Advances

A romantic getaway for a young couple took a violent, almost deadly turn in broad daylight Friday.

Police update after Brazilian boy, 15, found dead inside freezer at grandma’s home

Tragic teen Jose Eduardo Rosa was found dead inside the freezer at his grandmother’s property in Campo Grande on 11 January.

Purrfect rescue: Thai navy scrambles to save cats from sinking ship

Thai navy sailors braved choppy waters to launch a dramatic rescue this week after discovering four cats had been abandoned on a sinking ship that caught fire off a paradise island.

Burger King apologizes for a tweet that said ‘Women belong in the kitchen’ on...

Burger King UK attempted to celebrate International Women’s Day in perhaps the worst way possible by tweeting “women belong in the kitchen.” Not a good look, chaps. The burger brand made a right mess of a misguided joke about inclusion and sexism.

Trillions of cicadas are about to emerge after 17 years underground

Starting next week, billions of Brood X cicadas will begin their assault on nearly all of the country, east of the Mississippi River. They've been lying in wait for 17 years until the time and temperature is right to begin their deafening descent upon millions of Americans.

Hundreds of people are volunteering to escort elderly Asian Americans to help keep them...

A recent surge in attacks on older Asian Americans in the Bay Area has heightened concerns among activist and leaders in the community.

100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic

100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic and CDC warnings against large gatherings.

Best Tweets Of The Day (15 PICS)

Hilarious Tweets That Are Guaranteed to Make You Grin.

11-Year-Old Falls Through Open Subway Grate in New York Playground, Lands Near Train Tracks

Police are on the scene after a child fell through a subway grate in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon.

South Pacific Islanders Mourn For Their God: How Residents Of Yaoh-nanen Worshipped Prince Philip...

He might have only been a prince in the Commonwealth, but in Vanuatu, he was a god.

A 911 dispatcher in Louisiana was arrested after authorities say she refused to return...

Everybody that agrees with her keeping the money will also keep packages that are incorrectly delivered to your residence!