Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Texas to empty state prison to make room for...

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed Thursday the agency has been directed by Gov. Greg Abbott to move prisoners from the Briscoe Unit in Dilley to make room for migrants with low-level offenses.

Sharks that glow in the dark? Scientists discover massive glowing sharks lurking in New...

Scientists say they have found that three deepwater shark species living off New Zealand glow in the dark. The species were collected from the Chatham Rise - an area of ocean floor to the east of New Zealand - in January of last year, according to the study. One of them, the kitefin shark, is now the largest known luminous vertebrate and can reach up to 180cm (5ft 11in).

TikTok user sets internet ablaze with video of her family’s dinner

The newest Tiktok viral video is about a family's "Nacho Table" dinner, and it's causing a stir.

Reporter who broke story of Bill Clinton tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch dies of...

Christopher Sign broke story of tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch during 2016 campaign between Hillary and Trump

These Boots Are Made For Squawking: Mango The Parrot Learns To Walk On Tiny...

These Boots Are Made For Squawking: Mango The Parrot Learns To Walk On Tiny Boots After Losing Her Feet

Florida boy, 7, swims 1 hour to shore to get help for family after...

Brave 7-year-old 7-year-old boy swam for an hour, finally getting to shore and ultimately saving his family.

Lantana woman sues town after incurring more than $100,000 in parking fines

Sandy Martinez claims fines stem from way she parked vehicles in her OWN driveway - right ON her own property.

Tangle of odd string photographed in Arizona water is hiding eggs. What critter laid...

Toads lay their eggs in masses and create a string formation. They’re not easily seen because they’re often covered in sediment, Arizona officials said.

Prancer, the ‘Demonic’ Chihuahua Whose Adoption Ad Went Viral, Finds His Forever Home

Remember Prancer the Chihuahua who embodied not only a “haunted Victorian child” but also was described as a “Chucky doll in a dog’s body?” Well, he has found his forever home and has been adopted!

Boy found dead near Las Vegas remains unidentified after mix-up

The mother of an 8-year-old boy who was with his father at the time signed an affidavit stating the deceased was her child.

Matt Gaetz to headline Women for America First event at Trump Doral hotel in...

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has been chosen to headline a Women for America First event at the Trump Doral hotel in Miami, it has been revealed.

Police Had Mistaken A Man’s Penis As a Deadly Weapon During Body Search

'Is that a gun in your pocket or...' Excruciating video shows policeman mistaking man's penis for a deadly weapon during body search

Elon Musk Reveals He Has Asperger’s Syndrome During SNL Monologue

Elon Musk took a hard left turn from comedy as he hosted 'SNL' Saturday night ... announcing he has Asperger's.

Lady Gaga’s Two Dogs Recovered After Being Kidnapped

Lady Gaga's two French bulldogs, which were stolen by thieves who shot and wounded the dogwalker, were recovered unharmed Friday, Los Angeles police said.

Egyptian doctor, 34, is ‘beaten and thrown to her death from the sixth-floor balcony...

A female doctor has been beaten and thrown to her death from her apartment in Egypt in a so-called honor killing after she invited a male colleague back to the apartment.