Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson calls poll showing support for his potential presidency ‘humbling’

At least 46 percent of Americans want to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run for president, a new poll has found.

Ever Given ship forbidden to leave the Suez Canal until its owners pay up...

The Ever Given can't leave the Suez Canal until compensations are paid, officials said Thursday.

California wildfire that killed 2 was started to cover up murder, officials say

A 2020 wildfire in Northern California that killed two people was intentionally set to cover up a murder, officials said Wednesday.

PRAYERS FOR RAPPER: Rapper DMX ‘is in a vegetative state in hospital after suffering...

DMX suffered a drug overdose Friday night and is currently in the hospital and the prognosis is not looking good.

Florida Man Arrested After State Troopers Find Over 426 Pounds Of Marijuana Hidden Inside...

Troopers find 426 pounds of marijuana inside ATMs, safe and totes in I-80 stop

Fire That Destroyed Pasadena Home, 6 Cars Started By Ilegal Fireworks Set Off By...

By John Gregory Fourth of July is less than a month away and illegal fireworks have already caused a lot of damage in Pasadena. Investigators say two...

‘Serial killer cannibal’ says he peeled the skin off his last victim’s face because...

A fuller picture began to emerge Friday of the apparently affable 72-year-old former butcher who hacked up one woman in the basement of his home, and is suspected of killing many others.

Infant found alive after Egypt building collapse

Search and rescue workers pulled a 6-month-old baby alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in Cairo as the death toll from the incident rose to 25, Egyptian officials say

Giant clam shells worth $3.3 million seized in Philippine raid

Illegally harvested haul of more than 300 giant clam shells with a value of around $3.3 million has been found in the Philippines

100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic

100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic and CDC warnings against large gatherings.

‘I hope I make it’: Heartbreaking video shows final moments of ‘scared’ first-time skydiver,...

Heartbreaking video shows a California teen's last moments before plunging to his death during a 2016 skydiving jump. Attorneys representing Tyler Turner's family released the video after being awarded a $40million judgment against Bill Dause, owner of the Lodi Parachute Center.

Florida woman posed as high school student to get Instagram followers

Audrey Francisquini reportedly carried a skateboard as she wandered the halls, asking students to follow her account on Instagram.

Girl, three, dies after being left in 100F car for three HOURS by her...

Visalia police say a 28-year-old woman was arrested Thursday after she left her 3-year-old daughter in a car for three hours amid triple-digit heat.

Harvard Sparks Outrage After Telling Students ‘You May Wish That You Weren’t Asian’

Harvard has come under fire for posting offensive messages including, “You may wish that you weren’t Asian” on its “Anti-Asian Racism Resources” page.

“I’m literally dying! I didn’t do anything immoral to deserve all this.”; Egyptian court...

Egyptian police on Tuesday arrested a Tiktok star who has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for her posts on social media.