Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Facebook ban opens door to ‘falsehoods and fictions’ ahead of vaccine rollout: Hunt

A Facebook news ban on alleged "fake news" caused a "glitch" that also hits legitimate government portals in Facebook - in Australia.

Alleged stalker who left candy outside woman’s home arrested after shooting her husband, attempting...

An Oklahoma man was arrested Friday after allegedly stalking a woman for over a month, then shooting her husband and attempting to kidnap her from her home.

Bear cubs in California are developing an unexplained illness that makes them friendly and...

Some black bear cubs in California have been exhibiting uncharacteristic, overly friendly "dog-like" behaviors, and scientists aren't sure why.

Botswana unearths world’s third largest diamond

A 1,098 carat diamond believed to be the third largest gem-quality stone ever to be mined, has been discovered in Botswana, according to a joint venture between Anglo American's (AAL.L) De Beers and the government.

Suicide bombers hits Palm Sunday Mass in Indonesia, 20 wounded

Two attackers believed to be members of a militant network that pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group blew themselves up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral during a Palm Sunday Mass on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, wounding at least 20 people, police said.

Moment Maserati driver pursues woman driver who ‘cut him off’ in Washington D.C. and...

Video captured the moment a gunman opened fire on another car in Washington D.C. in a shocking incident of road rage.

Four PetSmart Workers Facing Charges After Dog Strangled To Death During Grooming Visit in...

4 PetSmart employees charged with animal cruelty after poodle dies during grooming

Colorado woman dies in rare black bear attack, authorities believe

Wildlife authorities euthanized a female bear and two yearlings after a woman was found dead via bear attack in Durango, Colorado.

FAMILY FEUD: Mariah Carey hit with defamation lawsuit by estranged brother who claims the...

Mariah Carey’s brother has revealed he's filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his sister, claiming her recent autobiography is “laden with lies."

Company in Hawaii uses technology from Japan to disinfect local stores, restaurants and schools

There are two types of technique: nano platinum technology and ultra-violet air purification.

Archaeologists discover remains of 9 Neanderthals near Rome

Italian archaeologists have uncovered the fossilized remains of nine Neanderthals in a cave near Rome.

Lego to launch rainbow-themed LGBTQ+ set called ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ with no gender assigned...

Lego is launching a rainbow-themed LGBTQ+ set called 'Everyone Is Awesome' with no gender assigned to all but one of the figures.

After nearly losing his life, cat now won’t stop talking

Rescued cat that nearly died, now can't stop talking to the momma that rescued him.

Did Cargo Ship ‘Draw’ a Penis Before Getting Stuck in Suez Canal? KINDA…

Some may classify getting stuck in the Suez Canal as a dick move, like giving the entire planet the proverbial finger...

I’m an Amazon delivery driver who’s had to pee in water bottles and eat...

Angel Rajal, 26, is an Amazon delivery driver living in Las Vegas. He's been penalized for changing the radio station and calls the new surveillance cameras "annoying."