Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Rare Super Mario Bros. game sells for a record $660,000

Holy SHEEEET! A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES just sold for 660,000 at auction!

‘I did what I had to do’: Woman, 27, who ‘stabbed her boyfriend’s father,...

A woman accused of killing her boyfriend’s adoptive father in their Manhattan apartment told police she stabbed the elderly victim because he raped her.

Scott Kolbrenner won $145,000 on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Now he’s giving it all to...

Scott Kolbrenner could buy more than a few vowels with the $145,000 he won on "Wheel of Fortune" last week. But he doesn't plan on buying anything. Instead, he's giving all of his winnings to charity.

Police locate parents of 3-year-old found wandering alone saying he ‘left mommy’s house’

Cops located the parents on Thursday after various attempts were not successful.

Police officer was arrested on child porn charge while working at Maryland vaccination site

A Maryland police officer was arrested on a charge of possessing child pornography after authorities tracked him to his National Guard job at a mass vaccination site, officials said Saturday.

Octopus Steals Camera, Takes Selfie, And Wins 1st Place In Wide-Angle Underwater Photo Contest

Octopus Selfie Takes 1st Place In Wide-Angle Underwater Photo Contest A tentacle-filled selfie taken by an octopus won the top Ocean Art competition award, beating out some impressive underwater photos.

Chicago cat fleeing fire survives 5-story jump, walks off

Maybe he's down to eight lives? A cat took a leap of faith out an apartment window during a fire in Englewood, and survived the fall unharmed.

Dave Chappelle tests positive for COVID-19

By Jessica Napoli / Fox News Dave Chappelle tested positive for coronavirus. The stand-up star, 47, broke the news just before his comedy show was scheduled to start Thursday. Chappelle had since canceled...

In death of baby fed meth-tainted breastmilk, grand jury charges Kenner mom with murder

Brandie Froeba, 35, had been breastfeeding the infant, who died in August 2018 of methamphetamine toxicity. The baby’s manner of death has been classified as a homicide, according to Kenner police.

Son, 41, of hero detective Frank Serpico whose life was portrayed by Al Pacino,...

The son of Frank Serpico, the crusading whistleblower NYPD detective who testified against corrupt cops, died of an apparent drug overdose in his Manhattan home, police sources said.

Police kill man in mental health crisis seconds after arrival, California lawsuit says

A California woman is suing over the death of her husband after she said she called 911 during his mental health crisis in 2018 and he was shot and killed by police.

Fox News Anchor Is Diagnosed with Colon Cancer After Her Screening Was Canceled 3...

Lindy Thackston's scheduled colonoscopies were postponed three times amid COVID-19


On Tuesday, a Florida appellate court ruled that police officers who say they are attacked on the job can claim protections under Marsy’s Law and hide their identities, even if they injure or kill civilians. The ruling will make it difficult for the public—including victims of police abuse—to find out the names or career histories of cops who commit acts of violence on the job.

Heated exchange at Phoenix Trader Joe’s after customer refuses to wear mask

Staff tried to explain to the customer that a mask needs to be worn as the man tried to show them an article claiming Gov. Ducey says there’s no more mask mandate.

An Idaho woman is ruled unfit to stand trial for ‘murdering her children’ moments...

Lori Vallow, the Idaho wife accused with her husband of killing her two children, has been found unfit to stand trial in the case, according to a court order.