Monday, August 15, 2022

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102-year-old World War II vet is found dead after being hacked with a machete...

A 102-year-old grandfather has been hacked to death with a machete in the garage of his L.A. home, allegedly by a 47-year-old man in what appears to be a random attack.

Woman, 33, is sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering her 31-year-old sister’s...

A North Carolina woman has been sentenced to the maximum 40 years in prison for murdering her younger sister's boyfriend so that the sibling could marry their father as part of a twisted torture and incest plot.

YouTube ‘Weapons Expert’ Hospitalized With Horrific Injuries After Sniper Rifle Explodes In Face

A popular YouTube weapons expert was left with horror injuries after a gun exploded in his face.

Olympics: Most Japanese don’t want foreign fans to attend Games – poll

A recent survey conducted by a Japanese national newspaper showed that most Japanese do not want overseas spectators attending the Tokyo Games this summer amid fears that a large influx of visitors could spark a resurgence in new COVID-19 infections.

The U.S. military has contaminated the drinking water for almost half-a-million Japanese – but...

The U.S. military on the Japanese island of Okinawa is facing accusations of environmental contamination after high levels of a carcinogenic chemical were found in the rivers around a U.S. air base and in the blood of local residents, according to a new study.

‘Really unbelievable’: Severe storms in South leave at least 3 dead, thousands without power...

A cluster of severe storms swept across the South over the weekend, leaving at least three dead, damaging buildings and leaving thousands without power.

Actor Cliff Simon Of ‘Stargate SG-1’ Dead After Kiteboarding Accident

The actor famous for playing Ba'al on "SG-1" has passed away following a tragic kiteboarding accident in California, his wife confirms.

His Lights Stayed on During Texas’ Storm. Now He Owes $16,752.

As millions of Texans shivered in dark, cold homes over the past week while a winter storm devastated the state’s power grid and froze natural gas production, those who could still summon lights with the flick of a switch felt lucky. Now, many of them are paying a severe price for it.

Felon who sucker-punched a 12-year-old boy dancing on a street corner gets 7 years...

Faced with incontrovertible video evidence of his guilt, a Missouri man has pleaded guilty to the vicious sucker-punching of a child, an unprovoked attack for which he will serve seven years in state prison, records show.

Man, 47, admits starting 1987 library blaze when he was 12 years old and...

A man authorities say started a blaze when he was 12 years old that killed a firefighter at a community college library in Everett, Washington, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree murder.

Earth Has a Hot New Neighbor – And It Could Change How We Look...

A New ‘Super-Earth’ Detected –“This is the Kind of Planet We’ve Been Dreaming About for Decades”

Father angry after teacher cuts biracial daughter’s hair

This is awful. I would go ballistic.

Former Texas School Teacher Charged With Animal Cruelty For Allegedly VIOLENTLY Killing FOUR Kittens...

A 29-year-old Sugar Land man has been arrested and charged with four counts of animal cruelty after authorities say he killed his pet kittens.

Pennsylvania District Attorney, 44, pleads guilty to raping at least five women in his...

A Pennsylvania district attorney has pleaded guilty to pressuring clients to have sex with him in his office when he was a defense attorney, and using a noise canceling machine to muffle the sound, then coercing them to keep quiet about it.

Hummer catches fire after driver fills up four 5-gallon gas cans in Citrus County

A Hummer burst into flames Wednesday after the driver filled up four containers of gasoline at a Florida gas station, authorities said.