Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Ohio Papa John’s delivery driver shoots and kills armed man who tried to rob...

A Papa John's employee in Ohio shot and killed a man who tried to rob the pizza restaurant late Sunday evening.

A drugged up idiot was stuck for around 2 days inside giant fan at...

The unsuspecting officer found a man stuck inside the shaft of a vineyard fan, after he "inexplicably" decided to climb into the piece of farm equipment, according to a Sonoma County Sheriff's Office statement.

Defrocked Catholic priest dies aged 80 just days before police were set to arrest...

Investigators were preparing to seek an arrest warrant for a defrocked Roman Catholic priest long considered a suspect in the 1972 killing of a western Massachusetts altar boy shortly before his death last week, a prosecutor said Monday.

An Indiana man shot the mother of his child and killed four of her...

An Indiana man shot the mother of his child and killed four of her family members, including her 7-year-old daughter, following a domestic dispute over the most recent stimulus check, a relative and a neighbor said.

Philippines files new diplomatic protests over Chinese boats in disputed waters

The Philippines filed fresh diplomatic protests to China on Wednesday after accusing its giant neighbor of undertaking illegal fishing and massing more than 240 boats within the Southeast Asian country's territorial waters.

Frustrated ex-husband dumps more than 80,000 pennies as final ‘child support payment’ at Virginia...

After Avery Sanford's father dumped 80,000 pennies in her front lawn for her final child support payment, she and her mother decided to donate the money to those in need.

SCARY: Police seize real gun disguised as Nerf toy in North Carolina drug raid

Police in North Carolina found a real gun disguised as a Nerf toy while conducting a drug raid in Catawba County, north of Charlotte, this week.

See Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as Lucy and Desi in new photos

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are unrecognizable as they transform into Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz while filming Aaron Sorkin biopic

Magawa the hero rat retires from job detecting landmines

African pouched rat Magawa, the hero rat retires from job detecting landmines.

New York man convicted of selling sharks on the internet

An upstate man was hit with a $5,000 fine Tuesday for illegally keeping seven live sandbar sharks in a pool in his basement — and trying to sell them online.


New Zealand is an exciting country in the South Pacific. It offers beautiful beaches, high mountains, amazing scenery and unique animal life. There are many exciting facts about this country that will make you eager to visit New Zealand at the first opportunity.

3-year-old New Jersey boy dies after falling 10-feet from his home’s third-story window, being...

A three-year old boy died after falling 10 feet from a rear window in his home in and then getting mauled by his family's two dogs in their backyard.

How San Jose’s new Delano Manongs Park is paying homage to Filipino farmworkers

Historic vote today! In honor of the Delano Grape Strike, the City Council approved the naming of the Delano Manongs Park! This name pays tribute to our Filipino-American community and to the worker justice movement! Many thanks to the community who led this effort!

Disney World guest, 47, who refused temperature check pleads with deputies not to arrest...

A Louisiana man who booked a $15,000 vacation to Disney World was arrested by law enforcement officials when he refused a mandatory temperature check at the entrance to the Orlando theme park.

Calif. Woman Died, 2 Others Hospitalized After Getting Plastic Surgery from Same Doctor in...

Plastic surgery is real surgery. Don't go to discount doctors. Use board certified doctors trained in the procedures you are getting.