Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Feeling lonely in lockdown? Try hugging a sheep

A German farm is offering people who are feeling deprived of human contact due to coronavirus restrictions an unusual alternative: the opportunity to cuddle a sheep.

WandaVision Scored Bigger Audience Than Bridgerton in January, Data Shows

WandaVision was the most-watched show of any title across all major streaming platforms in January, according to new data

Veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired after refusing ‘Black Panther’ salute

Rafaela Espinal, a veteran Bronx educator, claims that her job was terminated when she refused to imitate the salute from the 2018 Marvel movie Black Panther during superintendent meetings.

LAPD investigating alleged Valentine’s Day photo mocking George Floyd shared by cops

The Los Angeles Police Department announced it is currently looking into reports that its officers allegedly circulated a Valentine's Day image that mocked George Floyd's death.

Former School Principal Accused Of Abusing Daughter Acquitted Due To ‘SEXSOMNIA’

A man accused of indecently assaulting his daughter has been acquitted because he has “sexsomnia” and was asleep and oblivious when the acts occurred.

New York Times Digital ‘NFT’ Article Sells For $563,000

A New York Times columnist on Thursday sold one of his articles in digital form for $563,000, the latest example of the craze surrounding "non fungible tokens," which collectors are snapping up.

Some migrant families allowed to stay in U.S.

Some migrant families allowed to stay in U.S. due to the strain on Customs and Border Protection as an upsurge of people wanting asylum continues.

Cancer Survivor Sidney Poitier turns 94: A Living Legend Who Changed Hollywood

Happy birthday Sidney Poitier! The trailblazing actor and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient turns 94 on Feb. 20. He has had dozens of film and TV roles, worked as a director and was the Bahamian ambassador to Japan. In honor of his life and legacy.

10,000 Armenians march for Ottoman massacre anniversary

About 10,000 people have held a torchlight parade in Armenia's capital to commemorate the estimated 1.5 million Armenians killed in Ottoman Turkey more than a century ago.

Dad saws through door to strangle daughter for being ‘disrespectful,’ Louisiana cops say

Donnie Paul Neil, 40, faces several charges after allegedly striking the child and choking her until she nearly passed out, all while ramming her head into the floor of his home in Chauvin, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Scott Kolbrenner won $145,000 on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Now he’s giving it all to...

Scott Kolbrenner could buy more than a few vowels with the $145,000 he won on "Wheel of Fortune" last week. But he doesn't plan on buying anything. Instead, he's giving all of his winnings to charity.

‘Those two can save me anytime’: Internet swoons over two ‘HOT COPS’ who saved...

Well, hello there officer! A pair of hero cops in Texas are red hot — for their looks, as much as for their recent life-saving rescue of a man from a burning truck.

A Hole Lot of Risk: Who is responsible for damages when you hit a...

US drivers pay approximately $3 billion a year for vehicle damage due to potholes. In a 2016 study by AAA, it found that $15 billion was spent by US drivers on car repairs to fix pothole damage the previous five years.

Company in Hawaii uses technology from Japan to disinfect local stores, restaurants and schools

There are two types of technique: nano platinum technology and ultra-violet air purification.