Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Rachel Levine becomes first openly transgender official to win Senate confirmation

Senate confirms Levine to be the nation’s assistant secretary of health as activists hail appointment as a historic breakthrough

Godiva to close all store locations in the United States and Canada

By KARU F. DANIELS / New York Daily News The pandemic is also taking its toll on the luxury chocolate business. Godiva Chocolate is closing all of...

Iowa man faked his own death in ruse to get his ex-girlfriend inside his...

Although the alleged ruse was fake, the fear experienced by an Iowa man's victims was real, police said.

Louisiana cop who used stun gun on handcuffed man resigns

An officer who used a stun gun on a handcuffed, seated man has resigned from a Louisiana police department

The Dark History of Cemeteries in San Francisco

By 7x7 Editors Before the City of San Francisco voted to stop burials within city limits in 1900, there were at least 30 cemeteries in...

Pilot lands cargo plane safely despite having the roof ripped off in mid-air collision...

One of two planes that collided in the air near Denver deployed a parachute and slowly drifted to the ground, where two people walked away from the aircraft, a sheriff's office spokesman said Wednesday.

Brazilian Police Raid Church Whose Pastor Prayed For Another Holocaust To “Destroy the Jews...

Brazilian Police Raid Church Whose Pastor Prayed For Another Holocaust To “Destroy the Jews Like Vermin”

The Weeknd received tragic news: “My heart is broken”

The Weeknd donated $ 1 million to Ethiopia’s hunger relief efforts amid the country’s ongoing conflict that has resulted in thousands of deaths. This was announced through his social networks: “My heart breaks for my people in Ethiopia because innocent civilians, from young children to the elderly, are being senselessly murdered and entire villages are being displaced,” he said.

Man, 22, who slashed teen Instagram star Bianca Devins’ throat before posting images of...

Brandon Clark sentenced; Bianca Devins’ mom talks about ‘indescribable pain’ of teen’s murder

2 Killed In Massive Fireworks Explosion That Rattled Ontario Neighborhood; Evacuation Order Issued

Two people were killed Tuesday after a massive explosion caused by a large cache of fireworks rattled nearby homes in Ontario, prompting an evacuation order.

Oscar-winning ‘Moonstruck’ and ‘Steel Magnolias’ actress Olympia Dukakis dies aged 89 after ‘months of...

Award-winning American actress Olympia Dukakis - who acted in over 130 stage productions, over 60 films, and in 50 television series - passed away today

Beach Warning: Cancer-causing Chemical Benzene, A Known Carcinogen, Was Found in 78 Batches Of...

Traces of a chemical tied to blood cancers including leukemia have been detected in dozens of popular sunscreens and after-sun products, according to tests conducted by online pharmacy and lab Valisure.

Man who killed 2 at supermarket pleads guilty to hate crimes

A Kentucky man already serving a life prison sentence for fatally shooting two shoppers at a grocery store has pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes

California Experiment Shows Giving People Cash Dramatically Improves Lives

A guaranteed income program gave $500 per month to 125 people in Stockton and found that their job prospects and mental health got better.

Michigan firefighters, animal rescue workers save baby raccoon stuck in sewer cover

Thanks to the help of some firefighters in Michigan, a baby raccoon was rescued after it got its head stuck in a sewer cover.