Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Women pose as ‘grannies’ to get coronavirus vaccine — and it worked, official says

Two Florida women were caught trying to get their second COVID-19 vaccine by being dressed up as old women, officials said.

Top Fox producer Eric Spinato, dies from coronavirus

Eric Spinato, the head booker and senior story editor for the Fox Business Network, died over the weekend, the network said Monday.

GUILTY: Jury recommends 4 life sentences for Army Major convicted of murdering neighbor ‘who...

An ex-Army Major killed a neighbor he believed was sleeping with his bigamist ex-wife and two others to stop a child rape court-martial against him.

Disney fan complains that Walt Disney World is becoming too ‘woke’

Changes to Disney’s employee dress code and new versions of popular rides, including Splash Mountain, have something in common: WOKEDOM.

Colorado woman dies in rare black bear attack, authorities believe

Wildlife authorities euthanized a female bear and two yearlings after a woman was found dead via bear attack in Durango, Colorado.

Virginia man fatally shoots best friend after mistaking him for intruder, authorities said

An apparent case of mistaken identity turned deadly, as a Virginia man fatally shot his best friend after believing he was an intruder, authorities said.

John Paul Leon, legendary Batman and X-Men comic artist, dies aged 49

BELOVED comic book artist John Paul Leon has died aged just 49, according to reports.

Biden orders US flags flown at half-staff after Atlanta shootings

Outrage grows as US reacts to killing of eight, including six Asian American women, at massage spas in Atlanta, Georgia

A funeral home worker in Maine has been charged with stealing a wedding ring...

Two days after her mother passed away, Sally Wood called the funeral home in Alfred, to pick up her mother's jewelry. However, she was only given two of five rings.

This Turkish Language Isn’t Spoken, It’s Whistled

In a remote mountain village high above Turkey's Black Sea coast, there are villagers who still communicate across valleys by whistling. Not just whistling as in a non-verbal, "Hey, you!" But actually using what they call their "bird language," Turkish words expressed as a series of piercing whistles.

BREAKING NEWS: At least six people are injured in mass stabbing at Vancouver library

One person is dead and at least six people have been wounded in a mass stabbing at a Canadian library.

Catholic school headmaster ‘forced an 11-year-old Black student to kneel and apologize to his...

The white headmaster of a $15,000-a-year Long Island Catholic school forced an 11-year-old black student to kneel down and apologize to a teacher because doing so was the ‘African way’ to seek forgiveness, it has been alleged

Italian Cable Car Plunges To The Ground, Kills At Least THIRTEEN, Seriously Injures TWO...

By Associated Press A cable car taking visitors to a mountaintop view of some of northern Italy's most picturesque lakes plunged to the ground Sunday,...

Manhunt Underway After 6-year-old Boy Is Killed In Road-Rage Freeway Shooting In Orange

A 6-year-old boy died after a shooting Friday morning on the 55 Freeway in Orange that apparently stemmed from a road rage confrontation, the CHP says.

Coroner: 14-year-old accused of crashing stolen Porsche on I-275 has died

A 14-year-old teen accused of crashing a stolen Porsche SUV on Interstate 275 has died, according to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.