Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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‘It restores faith in people.’ Local teens follow lost dog back to its home,...

Sometimes it’s a simple gesture that can make all the difference — and for Taylor Ross of Farmington Hills, thanks to the kindness of two local teens, her dog Albert is now back home where he belongs.

Pixar is seeking ‘authentic’ young performer to voice its first transgender character

One year ago, Pixar introduced its first LGBTQ+ character — voiced by openly gay writer and actor Lena Waithe — in the Oscar-nominated feature Onward.

Father gets 212 years in prison for scheme that killed his autistic sons for...

A California man was sentenced to more than two centuries in prison on Thursday for his plot to drive his partner and two autistic sons off a wharf at the Port of Los Angeles, killing his children, in order to collect life insurance money.

Records show teen killed by Honolulu police shot in back of head

A 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed by Honolulu police arrived at an emergency room with gunshot wounds to the back of his head and to his shoulders, according to hospital records provided by a lawyer representing the teen’s family.

Man arrested after posting a viral video of him eating a snake that he...

A man, filmed eating a snake in Perumalpatti village in Tamil Nadu's Tirunelveli district, was arrested on Thursday. The video, which went viral, showed Vadivel eating a snake while claiming that it was a good antidote to Covid-19 infection.

A Doctor In Florida Who Died Of COVID-19 Left His Family A Baseball Card...

For over 40 years, Florida neurologist Dr. Thomas Newman carefully curated an extensive collection of baseball cards, with some dating back to the 1880s.

Colorado boy, 12, is left brain dead after using a shoelace to choke himself...

A 12-year-old boy has been left brain dead after his parents say he used a shoelace to choke himself until he lost consciousness for TikTok's 'Blackout Challenge'.

Assistant principal and daughter arrested for accessing student accounts to cast fake homecoming court...

Homecoming hack: Assistant principal, daughter charged with using computer account to steal homecoming queen vote

Water crisis ‘couldn’t be worse’ on Oregon-California border

The water crisis along the California-Oregon border went from dire to catastrophic this week as federal regulators shut off irrigation water to farmers from a critical reservoir and said they would not send extra water to dying salmon downstream or to a half-dozen wildlife refuges that harbor millions of migrating birds each year.

One Reason Your Cat Loves to Sleep at the End of the Bed Is...

For those who do let their cats sleep with them, you are probably wondering why they love it so much and almost insist on it every night. Well, here are 5 reasons why your cat sleeps on your bed.

Street racer, 21 ,who killed a mom and her baby when he hit them...

A Florida street racer who took the lives of a 24-year-old mother and her daughter when he hit them at 100mph has been handed a 24-year prison sentence.

CVS, Walgreens have wasted more Covid vaccine doses than most states combined

Months into the vaccination drive, the CDC has a limited view of how much vaccine is going to waste.

Police ID’d man whose body parts were found in two Minneapolis locations

Police say the body parts found Thursday in a Minneapolis neighborhood belong to 36-year-old Adam Richard Johnson of Minneapolis.

Grandma Caught Drunk Driving With Toddler in Her Lap Was Found To Be Intoxicated...

Police in Santa Rosa arrested a woman on Thursday who was intoxicated while driving with her grandchild on her lap.

Babysitter, 22, is charged with murdering 5-year-old Las Vegas boy after home security cameras...

A babysitter is accused of beating a 5-year-old to death after he had an accident, according to an arrest report from Las Vegas Metropolitan...